GlaxoSmithKline welcomes the breakthrough of the phase 2 trial of the Covid vaccine with the French Sanofi – fr

GlaxoSmithKline welcomes the breakthrough of the phase 2 trial of the Covid vaccine with the French Sanofi – fr

glaxoSmithKline released some much-needed good news today as the besieged drug giant said its Covid vaccine with Frenchman Sanofi is showing strong immune responses in its phase II trials.

The company said it hopes to get the vaccine approved by regulators and made available to patients by the end of the year.

GSK, which faces extreme pressure in financial markets due to its perceived underperformance, suffered major setbacks with its merger with the French drug group, as its previous vaccine attempt failed to work.
However, today he said all adult age groups showed a high immune response after just one dose of his retry.
A global phase 3 study is expected to be launched in the coming weeks.
Phase 2 included 722 volunteers and showed 95% to 100% antibody development after a second injection in all age groups without any safety concerns.
Phase 3 will include more than 35,000 adult participants from a wide range of countries and will evaluate the vaccine’s efficacy against the Wuhan and South African variants.
GSK said that overall, the vaccine candidate created strong levels of neutralizing antibodies comparable to those generated by people who naturally contracted the virus.
Its president of vaccines, Roger Connor, said: “These positive data show the potential of this adjuvanted protein vaccine candidate in the broader context of the pandemic, including the need to treat variants and schedule doses. reminder.
“We believe this vaccine candidate can make a significant contribution to the ongoing fight against Covid 19 and will move to phase 3 as soon as possible to achieve our goal of making it available before the end of the year.”
“Our Phase 2 data confirms the potential of this vaccine to play a role in addressing this ongoing global public health crisis, as we know that more vaccines will be needed, especially as variants continue to emerge and that effective booster vaccines be stored at normal temperatures, increases, ”said Thomas Triomphe, director of Sanofi Pasteur.
GSK and its managing director Emma Walmsley have come under extreme pressure from investors as its stock price has fallen and has failed to bring a Covid vaccine to market despite establishing itself as a leading vaccine maker .
Activist investor Elliott recently bought a stake in the group, raising hopes he will demand major changes.
Walmsley is overseeing a major corporate restructuring that includes multi-billion pound acquisitions and a plan to split the company into two businesses: consumer drugs and pharmaceuticals.
Investors are increasingly concerned that Walmsley, which has offered consumer products, does not have the scientific expertise to lead the biopharmaceutical division, as it expects, after the split.


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