Giant woodland butterfly so heavy it struggles to fly found in Australia – fr

Giant woodland butterfly so heavy it struggles to fly found in Australia – fr

A moth so large it has a hard time flying has been found in Australia.
An unsuspecting trader was working on a Mount Cotton State School construction site in the Redlands, south Queensland, when he discovered the giant butterfly.

Not reflecting the initial reaction of many, the school is very excited to have been the birthplace of this discovery, with their social media page saying it is an “incredible” discovery.

Principal Meagan Steward said the butterfly was the same size as “two fists joined together” and was released into the nearby forest. It’s certainly not for everyone’s comfort, but snaps were taken of the beast before it was released from the classroom.

Due to its size, the creature has difficulty supporting its own weight in flight.

Queensland Museum entomologist Dr Christine Lambkin identified the creature as a woodland butterfly and told ABC Radio: “They fly very, very badly.

“In most cases, when the females emerge, they just crawl over a tree or stump from a fence post and wait for the males to find them.

“This species ranges from northern Queensland to southern New South Wales.

“The wingspan of the female measures up to 25 cm. It weighs up to 30 grams. “

These moths are not very common in Australia, but Dr Lambkin says they are neither rare nor unusual.

Suddenly, the common little moths seen in England don’t look too bad.

The school shared photos of the giant moth on its Facebook page, with one commenter saying “Love it! But never leave the windows open ever again ”, and another saying they would do“ panic karate ”if they saw it.


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