“Get out of the pandemic! UK’s First Vaccine Study Finds Almost 100% Efficacy | UK

“Get out of the pandemic! UK’s First Vaccine Study Finds Almost 100% Efficacy | UK

In a study of the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, 96.42 percent of people who received either vaccine developed antibodies. Indeed, the antibodies were produced between 28 and 34 days from the first dose, which was praised by academics involved in the study. Dr Maddie Shrotri said: “This is one of the first real world vaccine studies in the UK and this is great news. ”

Antibody production increased to 99.08 percent within seven to 14 days of the second stroke.
With the UK vaccination rate soaring, antibody production is seen as a longer term mark of future immunity to the virus.

Data from the University College London (UCL) study also support the theory that both vaccines are highly effective against the virus, despite some skepticism about the drug AstraZeneca in Europe.

Dr Shrotri said: ‘More than nine in 10 adults in the UK who had received the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine produced antibodies to the virus within one month of their first injection.

“How these vaccines work is remarkable, especially given the speed at which they have been developed.
“It is a real feat of science in the face of the most devastating pandemic in a century. “

In another boost, the average age of the study was 65, meaning those most at risk who received their vaccine may now have antibodies.

The academics also reiterated the importance of receiving the second dose of the vaccine on time due to the increased production of antibodies.

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“But it’s also reassuring – vaccines are our way out of the pandemic. “

However, the government is still unsure of the effectiveness of the vaccines against the Indian variant.

Studies are ongoing as surge vaccinations have been sent to areas such as Bolton to combat the increase in cases.

There are also concerns about the lack of vaccination in areas where the Indian variant has been discovered.

However, a government source said there are encouraging signs that vulnerable people are now starting to get vaccinated.

They told Politico that the number of requests had increased dramatically in Bolton over the past three days.

If this is replicated in other areas affected by the variant, it could keep the government on track to fully open up.


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