Germany abolishes testing and quarantine requirements for travelers vaccinated and those who have recovered from COVID-19 – fr

Germany abolishes testing and quarantine requirements for travelers vaccinated and those who have recovered from COVID-19 – fr

The German government has decided to allow vaccinated travelers, as well as those who have fully recovered from COVID-19, to skip testing and quarantine requirements when entering the country.
“Let us be courageous and vigilant – let us reopen public and economic life and always keep in view the evolution of the pandemic”, Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

However, the rules will not apply to travelers arriving in Germany from a country at high risk of COVID-19 or from regions where viral mutations are widespread, such as India.

In addition, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet has approved a proposal to change existing rules that apply to unvaccinated people and allow them to end their self-isolation period earlier, provided that they submit a negative test result.

The new measures were established to make the travel process easier during the summer, especially for families whose vaccinated parents have unvaccinated children, reports

The country’s health workers are currently under tremendous pressure from those who want to go on summer vacation to get vaccinated even though they are not yet eligible. For example, Health Minister Jens Spahn said the country aims to distribute the digital immunity certificate by the end of June to make it easier for travelers to prove their vaccination status.

In addition, the authorities aim to have a certificate compatible with the vaccine certification system under development by the European Union.

However, when asked the minister whether vaccine certificates not authorized by the European Medical Agency could be used to enter EU countries, Spahn said it depended on the vaccine being used by other countries.

“Vaccines approved outside of Europe must prove that they can reduce the risk of infection to a similar extent. If so, I have no problem assimilating them (with EMA-approved shots), but I want to have proof of it ”. Spahn added.

Like other European countries, Germany has also accelerated the vaccination rate. In the last week alone, five million doses have been administered nationwide and authorities aim to double the vaccination rate as supply increases.

According to official figures, a third of the country’s residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine so far, while nearly ten percent have received both doses.

It was previously reported that the German travel and tourism sector lost 161 billion euros in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, its GDP dropping from 344 billion euros recorded in 2019 to 183 billion euros only a year later.


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