Gas Buddy estimates 74% of North Carolina gas stations run out of fuel, Colonial Pipeline restarts – fr

Gas Buddy estimates 74% of North Carolina gas stations run out of fuel, Colonial Pipeline restarts – fr

RALEIGH (WTVD) – The latest figures from Gas Buddy estimate that 74% of service stations in North Carolina are fuel-free. But hopefully there is an end in sight with the Colonial Pipeline announcing Wednesday afternoon that it has begun the process of restarting operations.

Why is North Carolina hit so hard?

There is no shortage of gasoline in the United States, according to government officials and energy analysts. However, the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack revealed a critical vulnerability in the way crude oil and refined oil flow through the countries and gas stations.

Panic buying takes a toll on fuel supply and mental health

Refineries are what transform crude oil into gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, propane, and any number of products. They are spread across the country, but some of the largest are in Houston and New Orleans. That’s where the Colonial Pipeline comes in – carrying that gasoline directly to dozens of giant reservoirs across the southeast. These tanks, or terminals, are then what fills the smaller fuel trucks that carry up to 8,000 gallons of fuel to a local station.

However, all of the terminals in North Carolina are essentially running empty because the pipeline is closed. However, the main well is not dry. There is a lot of gasoline in the refineries, but the challenge is how to get it to North Carolina.

In the meantime, trucks, trains and even barges carry gasoline. But, at the Port of Wilmington, there is only room for two barges, and there is a significant waiting time for the fuel trucks to fill up. Then there is the extra driving time.


Distribution problems, compounded by panic buying, have depleted supplies to thousands of gas stations in the southeast.

The scene at gas stations was far from typical on Wednesday after the governors of North Carolina and Virginia declared a state of emergency to help secure gas supplies and access. ‘State, gas stations that actually had fuel saw long lines form as people panicked to refuel – exactly what state leaders said we must all avoid doing .

At a press conference on Wednesday, Cooper again urged North Carolinians to buy only when you need gas.

“The shortages we’re seeing are pretty much related to people’s panic buying,” he said. “I want to encourage people not to do this. “


On Wednesday, workers in County Durham were urged to start working remotely to save gas. County Durham Director Wendell Davis said he was leading the fueling of county vehicles “to be limited to critical activities only.”

Priority would be given to public safety vehicles responding to emergencies, he said.

American Airlines has also announced that it should start “tanking” fuel.

This means that planes will refuel at state airports with no supply issues and then fly to Charlotte with enough fuel not to require refueling in Charlotte or to require minimal fuel to continue to the United States. next destination.

A Shell gas station on South Saunders Street in Raleigh was one of the few places that actually had gas on Wednesday, but it eventually ran out.

Some drivers said they waited up to 45 minutes to refuel.

In Durham, some drivers begged their neighbors to save gas for people who really need it.

“It ends up costing businesses money,” said Travis McKee. “People are panicking like it’s an apocalypse. It costs money. We don’t need people to fill a 55 gallon keg to fill their tanks. “

Attorney General Josh Stein’s office said on Wednesday there had been 392 calls to the pricing hotline since Cooper declared a state of emergency earlier this week.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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