Gareth Southgate appoints provisional list –

Gareth Southgate appoints provisional list – fr

isThe day of the announcement of the England Euros team! All eyes are on England men’s national football team manager Gareth Southgate. Will Harry Maguire be in good shape? Is Trent Alexander-Arnold in the mix? How’s Jordan Henderson? A huge day for our footballers, some of whom basically know they are on the plane (warning: not an actual plane) for Euro 2020 (warning: not actually in 2020), but for the guys on the sidelines it has to be extremely tense. find out if they’re going to be, uh, in a luxury hotel with decent transport links to Wembley or… well, probably home. Or go to one of the very small countries where we are allowed to go / we will have.
It’s not a very dramatic intro, is it? Let’s try again: it’s England squad announcement day, Gareth Southgate has the list of names, we’ll hear it soon, and in the meantime, here’s the whole lineup.

Southgate kept their options open / partially bottled saying they will appoint an interim team today. The FA said he would select 30 men today, then that number will drop to 26 over the next few days. To be fair to Gareth, with three England sides in the European club final over the next few days, that makes sense: Manchester United will play in the Europa League tomorrow, and Manchester City and Chelsea will face each other in the Cup final on Saturday. Europe, It makes sense.

I still feel in those situations for guys 27-30: that is, players who know they probably won’t make it to the finals. You must have a good idea, right? There’s no way the manager hasn’t already thought about his 26 favorites. So that leaves you wishing that someone might get injured in the biggest game of their life or not recover from an existing injury. I think of Jordan Henderson, for example, who was injured for a while and was pretty much fit enough for the bench against Palace this weekend. Or Harry Maguire, who injured his ankle ligaments which means he’s unlikely to play for Man United against Villarreal, the club with too many Rs in their name.

Oliver Brown says leaving Trent out would be “an absurd snob.”

Jason Burt’s team of the season: six English players are part of it… but who are they? Find out by reading this article. I would have voted for Dwade James of Walthamstow FC. Goal machine.


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