Galaxy S22 Ultra Leaks, S21 Fan Edition Revealed, Nokia X20 en solde – fr

Galaxy S22 Ultra Leaks, S21 Fan Edition Revealed, Nokia X20 en solde – fr

Returning to seven days of news and headlines across the Android world, this week’s Android tour features the gorgeous Galaxy S21 FE, a new camera for the upcoming Galaxy, the Nokia X20 on sale, the review long-term OnePlus 9 Pro, Qualcomm’s latest security issue and Google I / O details.
Android Circuit is here to remind you of a few of the many things that have happened around Android over the past week (and you can find the weekly Apple News Digest here).

Galaxy S21 Fan Edition leaks

The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition was a surprise hit for Samsung last year. The Galaxy S20 family’s “six months later” update was great value for money while delivering a similar feature set. There’s more info on a Galaxy S21 Fan Edition this week, with colors and renders all showing up. On top of that, a mid-August to late August release date is under discussion. This date is linked to Samsung’s traditional launch event in August:

“Samsung is expected to launch a next generation Galaxy S20 FE in the near future. It is currently believed to have a very similar design to the existing S21 family. Recent renderings suggest its possible impending Fan Edition could debut in a larger color gamut; however, the final piece of advice on this topic could negate that line of speculation. ”

Checking the notebook.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera

Further down the line is next year’s Galaxy S22 family, with geekerati eyes on the S22 Ultra. A noted Twitter informant Ice Universe has details on the potential camera upgrade; an improved perisocpe layout offering a constant zoom which should offer a magnification between x3 and x10:

“… The Galaxy S22 Ultra will feature an improved periscope camera with continuous zoom. Current periscope zoom units found on smartphones such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra have fixed lenses. The phone must use a cropped image from the main camera or use a separate intermediate zoom lens (2x or 3x) before the periscope camera kicks in. This results in poor image quality at non-native zoom levels. ”


Nokia X20 goes on sale

Following their announcement last month, HMG Global released the Nokia X20 and Nokia G10 in the UK. Available for purchase direct from, the Android One powered handsets are priced at £ 320 for the Nokia X20 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and £ 110 for the Nokia G10 with 3GB of RAM. and 32 GB of storage. Right now, these are the only memory / storage variants available:

Advanced Nokia user.

Long-term review of the OnePlus 9 Pro

A month after its launch, Ryne Hager returns to his OnePlus 9 Pro test. Updates to the operating system are noted, as are areas not yet updated; improved battery life; and persistent consistency issues result from the camera:

“While my connectivity issues and the issue with wide-color content that I noted in my initial review have been fixed, and I didn’t see the camera pop open randomly last week, there is Still has a general software quirk around the automatic dark theme in some apps, and something regarding touch input still looks slightly delayed or incorrect when fast typing in Gboard. Bluetooth audio performance is also still poor for me, but the company has generally done a good job of fixing the issues, as it usually does. ”

Police Android.

Qualcomm security issue

Qualcomm has confirmed a security flow in its mobile station modem. The company released a patch to its customers in December 2020, and manufacturers have rolled out fixes as part of their Android updates. Qualcomm said:

Ars Technica.

And finally…

The Google I / O Developer Event is starting in the next few weeks, you might want to check the event calendar to see if they catch your eye:

Google I / O website.

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