Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman star faces criticism for article on violence between Israel and Gaza

Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman star faces criticism for article on violence between Israel and Gaza

Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot faces criticism after posting a message calling for an end to the ongoing violence between Israel and Palestine.

Post a statement on Twitter, Gadot, who is Israeli and served in the IDF before he rose to fame, shared his fears for friends and family and said that Israel “deserves to live as a free and safe nation” and that “our neighbors deserve the same ”.

Although replies to the tweet have been disabled, users can still repost and comment on the statement, which has led to the star’s name trending on the site.

Some users accused Gadot of publishing “propaganda” for Israel, and some likened the star’s position to that of Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman, who shared a post from Viola Davis disseminating educational resources on the situation.

However, others have defended the star, saying she is simply calling for peace, while some have described the backlash against her as anti-Semitic.

the the worst violence between Israel and Palestinian groups since 2014 has been seen in recent days, with the conflict escalating over the last weekend of Ramadan.

Since mid-April, there have been clashes in the streets of Jerusalem – a city that Israelis and Palestinians regard as their capital.

In his statement, Gadot said, “My heart is breaking. My country is at war. I worry about my family, my friends. I worry about my people. It’s a vicious cycle that has gone on for too long.

Sky News has reached out to representatives for Gadot for comment.

Other celebrities have also posted articles on the escalation of violence, with Rihanna saying, “My heart breaks with the violence that I see displayed between Israel and Palestine. “

Over the years, many stars have boycotted Israel.

In 2019, musicians including Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters and Wolf Alice, who won the 2018 Mercury Prize, signed an open letter calling for a boycott of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, with Wolf Alice accuses Israel of ‘militarization of culture’ in an interview with Sky News at the time.

However, other stars like Stephen Fry, Sharon Osbourne and Marina Abramovic signed an open counter-letter dismissing the appeal, and Madonna continued to perform at the event.


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