From Silverstone to Singapore – Hamilton’s top 10 pole positions in Formula 1 – fr

From Silverstone to Singapore – Hamilton’s top 10 pole positions in Formula 1 – fr

The first person in Formula 1 history to triple the numbers on pole positions, the genius of Lewis Hamilton on a Sunday is more than matched in his talents on a Saturday – the British driver now has 32 poles ahead of the next. P1 grid all-time list, Michael Schumacher.
After taking his 100th pole position, at the 2021 Spanish Grand Prix, we have compiled Hamilton’s 10 best Formula 1 poles. Scroll down to watch these epic towers from the Undisputed King of Qualifying.

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10. Great Britain 2007

Hamilton’s 10 Best Poles: Great Britain 2007
Already twice pole-sitter by the time he arrived at Silverstone for his very first home Grand Prix in 2007, Hamilton now had a chance to solidify his place in the heart of Silverstone’s ability crowd.

With a Q3 first effort just good enough for P4, it looked like it wouldn’t be his day, but he channeled the energy from Lion Nigel Mansell, pushing his McLaren to the edge to snatch pole from Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen by more than a tenth of a second.

“And that’s why the world is talking about Lewis Hamilton. Pure genius, ”said the commentator. Indeed.

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9. Australia 2018

Hamilton’s 10 best hubs: Australia 2018
All hopes were on Hamilton to beat rivals Ferrari after Valtteri Bottas lost his car at Turn 2, but there was no need to worry about Mercedes’ pit wall.

Hamilton already had provisional pole on his first flying lap, improving by four tenths in the only first sector in his second round. A perfect mix of precision and aggression gave him pole, purple in all three sectors to start, with a full 0.664s over Raikkonen.

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8. Abu Dhabi 2009

Hamilton’s 10 best hubs: Abu Dhabi 2009
The heights of his first title in 2008 were shattered when Hamilton and McLaren came down to earth in 2009.

In the middle of Brawn’s fairy tale season, and with Red Bull on the rise, McLaren struggled, but in Abu Dhabi MP4-24 went well. This scintillating pole lap was achieved with Hamilton in driving form and he won his fourth pole of the year by a whopping 0.667s over Red Bull’s Sebsatian Vettel.

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7. Monaco 2015

Hamilton’s 10 best poles: Monaco 2015
It was the city where his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg grew up and, in 2014, took pole to leave Hamilton furious. The stakes were high, the tension relentless – but Hamilton would remedy it with a dominant performance.

In Q1 and Q2 Hamilton was behind Rosberg but the hammer came in Q3 when Rosberg blinked at St Devote and Hamilton managed to take his first pole in Monaco by more than three tenths.

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6. Great Britain 2018

Hamilton’s 10 best poles: Great Britain 2018
Hamilton was shaken up after taking his sixth pole position at Silverstone, which says a lot about his physical and mental commitment.

His title rival, Sebastian Vettel, took the gauntlet in Q3 and it would take Hamilton a grand last lap to defeat him. A first sector saw Hamilton’s W09 pass through Maggots-Becketts like a fighter jet, and the marvelous ride ended in front of a raving crowd of local fans.

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5. Hungary 2012

Hamilton’s 10 Best Poles: Hungary 2012
Hamilton’s ruthless in Hungary as he was in a league of his own this Saturday, providing a first benchmark to face the challenges of Lotus’ Romain Grosjean and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel. Then, with the sun scorching the circuit, Hamilton improved by four tenths.

Budapest’s tight corners threatened to send him sideways on points, but skillful opposing lock touches and an academic approach to the Hungaroring heights make him a magnificent one on board.

4. Italy 2017

Hamilton’s 10 best poles: Italy 2017
Dangerous wet conditions at Monza demanded an exceptional display of skill from Hamilton and he delivered to the Temple of Speed, keeping his car to the limit on the slickest surfaces. That title rival Sebastian Vettel could only qualify eighth underlined Hamilton’s mastery that day.

Additionally, Hamilton made a record 69th pole position, surpassing Michael Schumacher’s record in the process.

3. Canada 2007

Hamilton’s 10 Best Poles: Canada 2007
In the sixth race of his F1 career, Hamilton arrived at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for his first Grand Prix on the track and it looked like he was happy to play the understudy of his teammate and two-time reigning world champion Fernando Alonso. Friday.

But on Saturday Hamilton was 0.036s ahead of Alonso in Q2 and, as the Spaniard was wide at turn 10 in Q3, Hamilton swept a majestic first pole position by a commanding 0.456s.

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2. Styria 2020

Hamilton’s 10 best poles: Styria 2020
The rainy weather resulted in the cancellation of the last free practice session of the Styrian Grand Prix in 2020, but the weather cleared enough to allow qualifying to take place at the Red Bull Ring. And it was Hamilton who seemed most at ease throughout, reminding us – as if we needed one – why he belongs in the pantheon of great F1 drivers of all time.

Although Verstappen exited the competition, Hamilton didn’t rest on his laurels and lit the sectors in purple, taking pole by a staggering 1.2 seconds with this incredible lap.

1. Singapore 2018

Hamilton’s 10 best hubs: Singapore 2018
A lap of pole position for the ages. Not a peak was missed in this display of sheer skill and poise as Hamilton broke the track record by more than three seconds under the lights of Marina Bay – and no one was more surprised to find it. take that Hamilton himself.

The Mercedes W09 car was apparently at odds with Singapore’s narrow, winding streets, and Hamilton nearly came out in the first quarter. But on his last flying effort, he produced a turn that left rivals spellbound.

Hamilton called it “magic”, Toto Wolff nicknamed it “stardust”. Whatever the superlative, we couldn’t agree more.


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