French NGOs ask the UN to examine the situation of migrant minors – fr

French NGOs ask the UN to examine the situation of migrant minors – fr

Various associations in France have turned to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to request an investigation into the treatment of unaccompanied foreign minors in the country, who, according to them, are victims of “serious and systematic violations” of their rights as minors.

The French Council of Associations for the Rights of the Child (COFRADE) and Kids Empowerment, with the support of associations and citizen groups, called on the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) to denounce the violations of the rights of unaccompanied minors observed in France. “

A statement released Monday, May 3 by Utopia 56, one of the associations involved, said their petition had been declared admissible by the CRC, paving the way for an investigation which it said would be a “fundamental step towards reform of the government. current regulatory framework in France and overcome reprehensible local practices. “

Action brought by associations

According to their petition, the associations ask the CRC “to investigate the violations committed by France, a signatory to the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, in relation to the rights set out in this convention in matters of reception and care for unaccompanied minors present in the national territory and to formulate the observations and recommendations necessary for the protection of the rights of these children. “

The associations provided a large amount of data in support of their requests, including concrete examples of field experiences showing serious and systematic violations in France of the rights of unaccompanied minors, in particular their right to protection. .

The 80-page document addresses specific areas such as access to healthcare, housing and even education. The associations conclude that in France “the rights of these minors, deprived of the protection of their families, are not respected”.

Recognize the “presumption of minor age”

The petition attributes the violations denounced to two main factors: the refusal of the minor age of which these children are victims and which deprives them of the national child protection system; and the disparity in the treatment of these children in France.

“While thousands of unaccompanied minors in France see their rights violated on a daily basis, the intervention of the Committee on the Rights of the Child must lead to the legal recognition of a” presumption of minor age “”, declared the organizations.


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