France will use a traffic light system for foreign travel “by the end of the month” – fr

France will use a traffic light system for foreign travel “by the end of the month” – fr

France must classify countries into three categories of color-coded traffic lights for foreign travel, it has been confirmed, with the color being determined by the epidemic situation of Covid in each destination.
Junior Secretary for Tourism Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne yesterday (May 9) Told Europe 1: “There will be green countries, orange countries and red countries. “

The new system is expected to come into effect “by the end of the month”.

He said: “For countries outside of Europe, there are some countries, where you can see that the variants are still very active, so we will have to work on the list and the colors. We are working on these lists with the government and also with our European colleagues. “

Currently, the EU has a list of seven third countries from which it will allow travelers to enter, even if they have not been vaccinated against Covid.

They are: Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.

For travel within the EU, including travel from France, the European Commission plans to introduce a health certificate, which should be rolled out before the end of June.

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Traffic light system similar to that used in England

It comes after England implemented a similar traffic light color scheme for overseas travel from England.

Depending on the color of the country – green, amber or red – people traveling from England to the destination and then returning to England are not required to self-isolate, self-isolate at home for 10 days or stay in completely in quarantine. a government mandated hotel.

Currently, the “green list” of countries not requiring self-isolation on return includes only Portugal, Gibraltar, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, as well. than several small remote islands which are British Overseas Territories. .

Entry into some of these countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, is still restricted.

And a traffic light travel list does not replace entry requirements for other countries. For example, Portugal will only allow UK nationals with a negative test, Covid antibodies or both vaccinations to enter.

France is on England’s “orange list”, for which a 10-day quarantine is required, and travel to France (and all orange countries) from England is still not recommended.

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Enter France

For those entering France, the country already has its own list of countries from which arrivals must be quarantined for 10 days on arrival, due to the worsening Covid situation there.

These are Brazil, India, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Turkey, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

This list does not mean that the French can travel at those countries; these are just the rules for people enter France.

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