France Toys Markets 2021-2026 by Segments, Sales Channel, Company Analysis, Forecast – – fr

France Toys Markets 2021-2026 by Segments, Sales Channel, Company Analysis, Forecast – – fr

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The toy market in France is expected to reach $ 4.78 billion by 2026, compared to $ 4.31 billion in 2020

The French toy industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of 1.74% from 2020 to 2026.

The economy of France is very developed and oriented towards the free market. It is the seventh largest economy in the world in nominal 2020 figures and the tenth largest economy in PPP. While in 2020, it is the third largest economy in Europe, after the United Kingdom and Germany. The expansion of France’s GDP is driven by a markedly improved business climate, reducing its dependence on household consumption. Growing penetration of social media, increasing audience and increasing user engagement are major factors attributable to the growth of the toy market in France.

For example, the growing attractiveness of interactive and multifunctional toys and games between children observed has a positive impact on the size of the toy market in France. Besides the increase in consumer spending and the growing demand for toys, such as action figures, plush toys, puzzles, sports equipment and preschool products. Educational, interactive and multifunctional toys are preferred by white collar families in developed markets; they prefer to buy them as a tool for children’s development.

The toy industry in France is one of the largest sectors of activity, attributable to many small and large companies. Competitors in the market are responding to the growing demand for toys by launching different variants incorporating new interactive and educational technologies. The growing demand for themed toys is driven by social and mainstream media featuring cartoon characters from cult TV movies and show franchises, such as LEGO.

French toys and games constitute a large and dynamic market made up of many diverse segments. The market is full of a full collection of modern and traditional toys. However, there has been a shift from conventional toys to the most popular innovative and high-tech electronic toys in France such as animals, crafts, board games and puzzles – licensed toys and games related to entertainment, like the Star Wars movies.

The toy market in France is produced nationally by small, medium and large manufacturers and by renowned international brands. Each category of toys has both cheap and premium versions.

Acquisitions and mergers between the main players

February 2021, Hasbro, Inc. announced a collaboration with Epic Games to introduce its very first character integration with Fortnite as a special Snake Eyes outfit arrives in the game, facilitated by IMG.

In January 2021, VTech announced that it had entered into an agreement with QSC, LLC to acquire its production facility in Tecate, Mexico, for the manufacture of wood speakers.

The new launch would remain the most comprehensive production strategy of the main market players:

In January 2021, Mattel, Inc. announced that iconic Barbie brand had been named the world’s premier toy property by the NPD Group, a leading global news company. In addition, the Hot Wheels Singles 1/64 assortment was recognized as the world’s best-selling toy of the year.

August 2020 Hasbro, Inc released Super Soaker XP 20 and Super Soaker XP 30. The attractive sticker on the water tank of Super Soaker XP 30 and Super Soaker XP 20 water blasters may contain levels of lead in it. ink that exceeds regulatory limits.

This report titled “France Toys Market” by segments (baby toys and dolls, games and puzzles, construction games, exploration games and outdoor and sports toys, art activities, vehicles, action games and accessories, electronic games and plush toys), sales channel (Specialty toy stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets, Internet and others), Corporates (Mattel, Hasbro, LEGO Group, Ravensburger, Spin Master Corp. and Vtech), provides a global analysis of the toy industry in France.

Segments – This report covers the market from 9 perspectives

1. Baby toys and dolls

2. Games and puzzles

3. Construction games

4. Exploration games and outdoor and sports toys

5. Artistic activities

6. Vehicles

7. Action games and accessories

8. Electronic games

9. Plush toys

Sales Channel – This report covers the market from 4 perspectives

1. Specialty toy stores

2. Hypermarkets and supermarkets

3. Internet

4. Others

All of the company’s analyzes covered 3 points of view

  • Overview

  • Recent developments

  • Revenue Analysis

Company – This report covers analysis of six companies

1. Mattel

2. Hasbro

3. LEGO Group

4. Ravensburger

5. Spin Master Corp.

6. Vtech

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