France to send 16 additional oxygen production plants to India –

France to send 16 additional oxygen production plants to India – fr

India’s main strategic partner in Europe, France, has decided to step up its medical support, in particular by offering the supply of 16 additional oxygen production plants, to fight the outbreak of Covid in the country.
Days after French President Emmanuel Macron met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the French government on Monday announced its intention to send additional oxygen production plants. France will deliver at least 16 oxygen-generating plants after the eight units delivered in early May, officials said.
A special cargo flight with 10 oxygen generating units will reach India in mid-June, which will be followed by another flight. Each of these large-capacity French-made factories produces 24,000 liters of oxygen per hour continuously and can make a 250-bed Indian hospital oxygen self-sufficient for a dozen years, officials said.

The first of eight factories, which India received in May, was up and running within 18 hours and all eight were operational within 7 days of landing from France, officials said. Previous support from Paris included 28 high-tech ventilators and 200 electric syringe pumps to improve the intensive care capacities of recipient hospitals.
The French government has also announced that several hundred concentrators as well as high quality ventilators will arrive in India in the coming days. “At the request of President Emmanuel Macron, France is providing additional support to India to continue to fight together against the second wave. Several expeditions are underway, which will double the support already provided so far. Overall, this is the largest solidarity operation that France has carried out since the start of the pandemic, ”indicates a statement from the French government announcing the next round of aid.


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