France orders 30,000 doses of Xav-19 Covid treatment from the Nantes laboratory – fr

France orders 30,000 doses of Xav-19 Covid treatment from the Nantes laboratory – fr

The French government has signed a contract with a medical laboratory in Nantes to reserve 30,000 doses of a new Covid-19 treatment, intended to prevent patients from falling seriously ill.
The treatment, called Xav-19, is a “polyclonal antibody” that attacks the virus in multiple ways and which the manufacturers believe is more effective than the US “monoclonal” treatments currently given to high-risk patients with early signs of the disease. .

It would be used for people who have gone to the hospital because they are starting to develop secondary symptoms to prevent them from getting worse and entering intensive care.

It has been shown to work with the newer variants.

The Xenothera laboratory indicates that the final results of human clinical trials are expected this summer, followed by an authorization hoped for by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) so that it can be available to French patients. by the end of this summer.

The first results show that the treatment is safe and does not have serious side effects.

The president of the laboratory, Dr Odile Duvaux, said that the contract with the French government now allows them to start production of the first batch.

“I am delighted with the favorable response from the Ministry of Health to our proposal to reserve the first production of our treatment for French patients,” she said. “This contract also shows that it is possible to undertake new initiatives in France.”

The contract shows the government’s confidence in the treatment, but it would not have to pay for the doses if it does not actually receive authorization for use.

In December, Dr Duvaux told The Connexion she was disappointed the government had taken so long to support treatment.

She said testing had been delayed because the government had prioritized developing vaccines to fight the outbreak.

« [France] could have been the first in the world to have antibody treatment against SARS-CoV-2. By March 2020, we were ready: we had prepared treatment for previous coronavirus outbreaks and our technology had been tested on patients.

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