France in search of ex-soldier after gunfire | News

France in search of ex-soldier after gunfire | News

Security forces were scouring southwestern France on Monday looking for a former soldier who allegedly shot at a patrol responding to a call for domestic violence the night before.

The hunt for the 29-year-old man, who is armed with a hunting rifle, could last “many more hours”, according to gendarmes – the French paramilitary police.

Elite tactical teams and some 300 gendarmes scanned a wooded area in the Dordogne region in search of the gunner using seven armored vehicles, seven helicopters and sniffer dogs.

“Combing the area will be long and meticulous… It could take much longer,” Dordogne prefect Frédéric Perissat told reporters.

Escaped wearing an electronic bracelet

The man shot the police after assaulting his former partner’s new boyfriend in Lardin-Saint-Lazare, a village near Sarlat.

Perigueux prosecutor Solène Belaouar told media that the man had been convicted of domestic violence on four occasions.

He was also wearing an electronic bracelet when he fled on Sunday.

André Petillot, regional police commander, declared that he “knows the region well and adapts easily”.

The suspect could have the profile of someone who wanted to be killed by the police, the commander told France Info radio.

“The goal is to bring it to life”

Prefect Perissat said they had made contact with the shooter several times but each time he opened fire.

“We are doing everything to ensure that he surrenders but we also want to avoid a tragedy in our ranks,” added the police representative.

“The goal is to bring him back to life. If we wanted to neutralize it, we would have done it already, ”he said.

Meanwhile, people have been urged to stay at home on Monday as the search continues.

News of the manhunt comes two weeks after a similar case in Belgium, when a soldier stole weapons from an army barracks and fled after threatening a well-known virologist and others public figures. Belgian authorities were unable to capture the man, with some soldiers expressing support for the fugitive online.

dvv / dj (AFP, dpa)


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