France Floating wind projects challenged by waves and algae –

France Floating wind projects challenged by waves and algae – fr

Floating wind power projects could open up large areas of the world’s oceans to produce carbon-free energy. But developers must first solve two key technical problems, according to the French operator of the electricity grid.
Sea swells can cause vibrations that damage equipment in floating substations, while cables can be damaged by a build-up of shells and algae, the Electricity Transport Network said. These problems must be addressed before floating wind power can be successful on a large scale, and RTE is among the operators trying to solve them.

This nascent segment of the clean energy industry would significantly expand the potential areas of the sea where power producers could install turbines. In many places, the best wind resources are found in places where the water is too deep to build a structure from the seabed. But the new floating technology is expensive and at risk of damage from waves and marine life.

Opening of deeper shores to wind turbines

Note: Winds in the appropriate area exceed 7 m / s and are located within 55 km and 200 km from the shore.


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