France defends its phased deployment of vaccines when doses are not used – fr

France defends its phased deployment of vaccines when doses are not used – fr

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                Le ministre français de la Santé, Olivier Véran, a défendu mardi le déploiement échelonné des vaccins Covid-19 dans le pays au cours des prochaines semaines, malgré les appels à rendre plus d'adultes immédiatement éligibles, certaines doses étant inutilisées. 

                                    <p>Actuellement, les personnes âgées de 55 ans et plus peuvent recevoir le vaccin, mais plusieurs centres de vaccination ont signalé une pénurie de candidats et de flacons excédentaires ces dernières semaines.

This prompted some local officials to quietly offer vaccines to all adults in an attempt to speed up vaccinations.

As of last weekend, authorities have allowed people aged 18 to 50 with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or obesity to register as well, without having to present a medical certificate or prescription.

This raised the prospect that healthy adults would clamor for bogus diseases in order to get the vaccine faster, but Véran said the policy was just “common sense.”

“I trust the French,” Véran told radio Europe 1. “There may be attempts to get around the rules, but it will be on the margins. “

French vaccine stocks are expected to rise to 4.5 million per week in May and 6.9 million per week in June, as the government gradually eases a third lockdown to curb a new spike in infections.

Some health experts have urged officials to offer vaccines to anyone who wants them, as polls suggest millions of French people may refuse on principle or because of safety concerns.

Some 16.1 million people have received at least one dose, or 24% of the population, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

President Emmanuel Macron said last week that adults over 50 would be eligible from May 15 and that all adults could register from June 15.

Hospitals, however, remain under great strain with more than 5,600 Covid patients in intensive care and more than 300 deaths reported every day.

But the pace of infections has slowed, with the number of new daily cases averaging 28,000 last week, up from 36,000 the week before.




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