France bans schools from using “non-sexist” words in French, declaring it “harmful” – fr

France bans schools from using “non-sexist” words in French, declaring it “harmful” – fr

The French government has ordered schools across the country to stop using a “non-sexist” spelling of words, saying the practice threatens the existence of the French language. The decision, according to a news website, was released last week by the country’s education ministry, which aims to end the use of midpoints that include feminine and masculine endings to words.

The French Academy, also known as the French Academy, responsible for the preservation and promotion of the language, also said that words incorporating gender are “harmful” to the practice and understanding of the language. French. In French, nouns, pronouns and adjectives reflect the gender of the word. For example, the French word “leaders” means “leaders” but has a masculine tone in the word. So gender-neutral activists and speakers advocated putting an “e” – symbolizing femininity – before the end of the word and a midpoint, to make the word gender-neutral. Thus, “leaders” would mean that both men and women can be leaders.

As a result, women’s rights defenders increasingly use this method of spelling even though “leaders” and “leaders” are pronounced the same.

But the Ministry of Education, under the government of President Emmanuel Macron, believes that this only creates more confusion, and even discourages the French from learning their own language.

“With the spread of inclusive writing, the English language – already almost hegemonic across the world – would certainly and perhaps forever conquer the French language”, Online Mail quoted French Education Minister Nathalie Elimas as saying when the ban was imposed.

Domestically, India has also seen debates over the use of the language. The issue of the alleged imposition of the Hindi language in non-Hindi regions of the country has been raised many times by different political parties. Particularly in the south, several political parties accused the ruling Center party of attempting to impose Hindi in non-speaking states.

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