Four fined at Winnipeg courthouse rally to support churches fighting against public health orders – fr

Four fined at Winnipeg courthouse rally to support churches fighting against public health orders – fr

On Monday, four people were fined for participating in an illegal rally outside the Winnipeg courthouse to support religious groups fighting against provincial public health orders.
That’s according to the latest update on health enforcement in Manitoba, released Tuesday.

Law enforcement officials sentenced the individuals in court on Monday, the first day of a two-week hearing for seven churches challenging the lockdown measures in court.

About 150 people attended the meeting outside the courtyard. Current provincial health regulations state that no more than 10 people can congregate outdoors in a public place.

Manitoba agents handed over a total of more than $ 78,000 in tickets last week to people accused of violating COVID-19 public health orders, according to Tuesday’s law enforcement update.

Most tickets – 42 of 58 – were $ 1,296, given to individuals for various offenses, the province said in a press release Tuesday. Thirty-three of those tickets were from private gatherings inside and nine were issued to people for failing to meet isolation requirements.

A dozen additional $ 298 tickets were handed out for failing to wear a mask in indoor public spaces, and four companies were fined $ 5,000 each for breaking the rules.

Law enforcement officials also issued 112 warnings.

Officials began sending tickets to people who attend anti-mask protests, including issuing 20 tickets after the fact to people who were at The Forks on April 25, where hundreds have called for an end to masked warrants. and COVID-19 public health measures.

Enforcement officers were in attendance for protests in Winnipeg and Winkler over the weekend, the province said. Two tickets were handed out on May 1 at the Winkler rally, but those tickets will be reflected in next week’s app stats, the press release said.

Investigations for all public gatherings are continuing and further charges are awaited.

“The choice to defy public health orders is a serious offense and violators will be held to account,” the province said in a press release.

“Abusive and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and criminal offenses will be reported to the police and investigated. “

Manitobans are encouraged to report instances of non-compliance, such as recent gatherings like this one at The Forks, by submitting a form on the province’s website or by calling a provincial line. (CBC)

Over the past year, 1,294 tickets were issued to Manitobans and business owners, totaling about $ 1.8 million in fines, according to the province. Over 4,000 warnings were also issued.

Tickets and warnings can be issued by approximately 3,300 law enforcement officers, including members of the RCMP, other police departments, conservation officers, by-law enforcement officers and more again.

Members of the Manitoba Commissionaires are also now advising travelers arriving at the Winnipeg International Airport of the isolation requirements. It has been compulsory since the end of January to self-isolate for two weeks upon arrival in Manitoba.

Violations of public health rules can be reported on the province’s website. Reports can also be called at 204-945-3744 or 1-866-626-4862 (toll free).


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