Ford government extends some coronavirus orders and stay-at-home order until June 2 –

Ford government extends some coronavirus orders and stay-at-home order until June 2 – fr

The Ontario government has extended some orders under its Emergency Management and Emergency Preparedness Act within the province.

The extension will see a ban on recreational camping on public lands, a ban on recreational interprovincial border crossings, continued redeployment of staff and patients between Ontario hospitals as needed, and the enforcement of COVID-19 measures until at least June 16, 2021.

The Solicitor General’s office confirmed to CTV News Toronto that the provincial home support order will not be extended along with the orders.

The following is a complete list of orders that will now be extended to end June 16, unless they are extended. They were previously scheduled to expire on June 2:

  • Reg. of Ont. 8/21 – Application of COVID-19 measures
  • Reg. From Ont. 55/21 – Enforcement orders for retirement homes
  • Reg. of Ont. 271/21 – Redeployment of work for Local Health Integration Networks and Ontario Health
  • Reg. of Ont. 272/21 – Transfer of hospitalized patients
  • Reg. From Ont. 288/21 – Closure of public land for recreational camping
  • Reg. of Ont. 293/21 – Persons entering Ontario from Manitoba or Quebec
  • Reg. of Ont. 304/21 – Job reclassification for independent health establishments
  • Reg. of Ont. 305/21 – Regulated healthcare professionals
  • Reg. of Ont. 317/21 – Agreements between health service providers and retirement homes

On Thursday, May 20, Premier Doug Ford announced a three-stage provincial reopening plan that would likely see the first stage begin on June 14.

All non-essential businesses in Ontario are required to remain closed until the province enters the first stage of its three-stage plan.

The first stage of the plan will take place two weeks after 60% of adults in Ontario receive a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and see outdoor activities resume with smaller crowds and where the risk of transmission is lower.

Non-essential retail stores will also be allowed to reopen with a 15% capacity and outdoor gatherings for up to 10 people will be allowed. Outdoor dining, with up to four people per table, will also be allowed to resume.

The province will remain at each stop for at least 21 days to monitor the impacts on the number of cases as restrictions are relaxed.


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