Food samples to be returned to Costco, under new rules –

Food samples to be returned to Costco, under new rules – fr

– After 14 months of having to pay for what they eat, Costco shoppers will soon be able to collect free samples again. Sampling will be phased in and operate under new rules, as much of life emerging from restrictions on coronaviruses. The food will be prepared in smaller quantities than before, behind plexiglass, reports CNN. Samples will be handed out to buyers one by one, starting in early June at around 170 of its 550 stores. Most other stores will offer samples by the end of the month, for example USA today. The warehouse chain stopped gifting in March 2020, then started distributing only prepackaged items behind plexiglass last summer.

The company is also making changes to its food court. Some of them will be outside, others will have four seats per table instead of six or eight previously. Tables will be more spread out, which will represent half of the seats that food courts had before the pandemic. The menu is growing, with “new and improved churros” among the items added. Frozen yogurt is replaced with premium soft ice cream. Richard Galanti, the company’s chief financial officer, said business in food courts had not yet returned to what it was before the coronavirus. It “will probably take several more months,” he said. (Read more stories from Costco.)


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