Florida teen accused of stabbing girl 114 times faces first degree murder charge –

Florida teen accused of stabbing girl 114 times faces first degree murder charge – fr

Aiden Fucci, 14, was originally charged with second degree murder in connection with Bailey’s death, but the charge was reclassified as first degree murder due to the nature of the crime, RJ Larizza reported. prosecutor of the 7th judicial circuit, Thursday.

Bailey’s body was found on May 9 after her family reported her missing earlier today in St. Johns County, Fla., According to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. She suffered 114 stab wounds, Larizza said at a press conference Thursday. Larizza noted that there were at least 49 defensive injuries to the head, hands and arms, saying: “To say it was horrible could probably be an understatement. “

“The bottom line is that the premeditation can be deduced, certainly, from the sheer number of stab wounds Tristyn Bailey had to endure,” Larizza said.

Witnesses told authorities the 14-year-old suspect said he intended to kill someone by taking him into the woods and stabbing him, according to the prosecutor.

Additionally, Larizza said the tip of the knife that was allegedly used in the murder was also found in the victim’s scalp along with the suspect’s DNA on the victim’s body. A knife with a broken tip was found in a pond near Bailey’s body, Larizza said.
“I have no pleasure in accusing a 14-year-old as an adult of first degree murder. But I can also tell you that the management team and I went through all the facts, all the circumstances, the applicable law and it was not a difficult decision to make that he should be charged as a adult, ”Larizza said.

Larizza declined to answer questions regarding Fucci’s alleged motive. Larizza said the teens were seen on surveillance video the day Bailey went missing walking together, but there were no signs of a problem at the time.

“I hope parents learn something from this brutal and vicious murder,” Larizza said. “And that is you have to know what your kids are doing and what they are saying. “

CNN has contacted Fucci’s parents but has not received a response.

Fucci appeared in court for the first time Friday morning on charges of first-degree murder. A judge has ordered that he be detained without bail until he is indicted, according to CNN affiliate WJXT.

CNN also contacted the St. Johns County Public Defender responsible for defending Fucci, but received no response.


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