Florida sees 2,340 new COVID-19 cases as cruise lines turn to sailing again –

Florida sees 2,340 new COVID-19 cases as cruise lines turn to sailing again – fr

ORLANDO, Floride – Cruise lines are heading for normalcy with the latest seal of approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, allowing Royal Caribbean to begin mock cruises from the United States this summer.

Royal Caribbean will host a simulated cruise on the Freedom of the Seas ship between June 20 and 22. Cruise lines suspended their cruises in March 2020 when the country began to see its first cases of COVID-19. The cruise line will need to make the first two simulated trips at at least 10% of the ship’s capacity and notify all voluntary passengers of the CDC travel advisory on cruise ship travel, which is considered an activity. at high risk.

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Miami-headquartered Royal Caribbean did not say which port the ship would depart from. Volunteers who will be passengers must be at least 18 years of age and be fully immunized or have no high-risk medical problems.

The state of Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis filed a lawsuit against the CDC and the US Department of Health and Human Services in April, although the lawsuit was sent to mediation last week. DeSantis announced the lawsuit with Alaska and Texas later joining.

“We are taking legal action against the federal government and the CDC, demanding the immediate reopening of our cruise ships,” DeSantis said last month at the Port of Miami.

As more people are vaccinated every day, Florida took a milestone earlier this week with more than 10 million people in the state receiving at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Almost five months after vaccinations began in the state, many counties are resuming operations.

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In Orange County, vaccination sites at several recreation centers will close operations on Thursday. Seminole County is also closing its county-run sites and offering doses at mobile vaccination sites in June.

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Find the state-run COVID-19 dashboard below:


The Florida Department of Health reported 2,340 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the state’s overall total to 2,316,142 cases since the virus was first detected on March 1, 2020.

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Florida reported 66 new virus-related deaths on Wednesday, bringing the death toll to 37,382. That number included the 735 non-residents who died in Florida.


Wednesday afternoon, there was currently 2,059 people infected with the virus have been hospitalized in Florida, according to the National Agency for Health Care Administration.

As of March 2020, 94550 of people have been hospitalized in Florida after complications from COVID-19. This number includes the 149 New patients who were recently hospitalized with the virus, according to the health department’s daily report released on Wednesday.

Positivity rate

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The percentage of positive results was 3.54% on Tuesday out of 66,125 tests. The figures reported daily by the state reflect the results of the previous day’s tests. Health officials say the rate should stay between 5% and 10% to prove that a community has a grip on the virus and is curbing infections.

The positivity rate remained below 5% for more than 10 days in Florida.


The Florida Department of Health began publishing a daily report in December 2020 on COVID-19 vaccines administered statewide.

FDOH Reports 8 091 013 people are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. These people either received the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine or completed a series of two injections.

From Wednesday, 10,123,898 people received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

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Below is the breakdown of new cases, deaths and hospitalizations in the central Florida area on Wednesday.

county Case New cases Hospitalizations New hospitalizations Deaths New deaths
Brévard 42 767 51 2 441 6 894 0
Flagler 7 459 9 414 2 112 2
Lac 30 893 45 1 560 6 660 14
Marion 31 815 25 2 221 dix 980 0
Orange 142 217 197 2 873 14 1 300 6
Osceola 45 921 63 1 508 3 523 0
Polk 70 724 107 5 427 4 1 373 1
Seminole 35 140 52 1 280 3 510 1
Sumter 9 467 9 589 1 280 1
Volusia 44 629 74 2 423 5 834 1

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