Florida has nearly 12,000 variant cases of Covid, most of them in the United States – fr

Florida has nearly 12,000 variant cases of Covid, most of them in the United States – fr

Florida has the highest number of cases of covidies in the United States. State health officials said that in the two weeks after spring break, cases more than doubled to surpass 11,800 cases on Wednesday.
Officials fear that because “less than half of the 1% of cases are studied for mutations,” the increase in variant cases they see could be an indication that the spread is accelerating, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

According to ABC News, 753 cases of variants of three strains were reported on March 14 in Florida. Then on April 15, 5,177 cases of five types of variants were reported. But less than two weeks later, on April 27, the number of cases jumped to 9,248 variant infections. And the number of people who have died from variants in the state has also doubled and now stands at 67.

the Orlando Sentinel received the data on the spread of the variant from the Florida Department of Health, but only after suing the government. A judge agreed with the Sentinel say the data was vital “to understanding how the virus continues to spread and affect Floridians.”

Dr Aileen Marty, professor of infectious disease and epidemic control at Florida International University, told the Orlando Sentinel that the assumption of some that “the pandemic is over” is worrying. Last week, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced he was immediately suspending all local restrictions on covid-19.

“The real problem is that everyone acts like the pandemic is over. If we don’t get flippant about it… these variants can overcome some of the immunity we’ve developed, and we can end up in a really bad situation again, ”Marty said, adding,“ The thing. the most important thing to know is that we need to get more people immunized. Any level of protection is better than no level of protection. ”


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