Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signs restrictive voting bill – fr

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signs restrictive voting bill – fr

Signing the bill during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” the Florida Republican highlighted the provisions of the bill, including stricter voter identification requirements for voting by mail, creating limits on who can collect and return a voter’s ballot; and a ban on private funding for elections.

“Me signing this bill says: Florida, your vote counts, your vote will be cast with integrity and transparency and this is a great place for democracy,” DeSantis said after signing the bill.

Local media told CNN they were not allowed to take part in the morning’s signature event and that it was a Fox News exclusive.

Some of the restrictions created by the bill, Senate Bill 90, also include the expansion of partisan observation power during the compilation of ballots and the creation of additional restrictions on the use of drop boxes. .

Last week, after days of controversial debate and last-minute amendments bouncing between chambers, the Florida Republican-controlled House and Senate reached a deal and endorsed the SB90 alongside party votes at the eve of the last day of the state legislative session. .
The bill is part of a nationwide Republican-led effort to restrict access to state-level voting following a record turnout in last November’s election. A tally by New York University’s left-wing Brennan Center for Justice found that 361 bills containing provisions restricting voting had been tabled in 47 states as of March 24.

Over the past month, the effort to restrict voting has intensified as state legislatures begin to head into the final months of their respective sessions.

Democrats have frequently mentioned the continued public fallout from Georgia’s recent electoral review bill during the Florida measure debate, which they called a “Jim Crow revival in this state.”

“This bill that was passed in the state just north of us sent a message to us, and the response to this bill should let us know we shouldn’t do it,” the Democratic representative said. of State Michael Grieco during the House debate, arguing, “Please don’t make Georgia my Florida.

Florida Republicans, who have repeatedly acknowledged that their state held a successful and secure election in 2020, said the bill would provide “guard rails” to prevent anyone from “playing the system” at the to come up.

“We had voter identification. It works. It’s the right thing to do, ”DeSantis told Fox News last week, adding that the 2020 state election was“ fair and transparent, and the reforms we’re going to make will make it even better. . “

DeSantis’ signing comes as former President Trump continues to consolidate his grip on the Republican Party.

On Monday, Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, House Republican No.3, publicly rejected Trump’s most recent false accusation that he would have won the 2020 election if it weren’t for “fraudulent” votes, her latest reprimand from the former president which put her at odds with many in her own party.

“The 2020 presidential election was not stolen,” Cheney tweeted Monday. “Anyone who claims this is the case is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their backs on the rule of law and poisoning our democratic system. “

Cheney is now facing backlash from fellow Republicans and should be removed from her leadership position.

CNN’s Dianne Gallagher, Wesley Bruer, Jade Gordon, Alex Rogers and Manu Raju contributed to this story.


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