Fit, healthy mom who got ‘confused’ while shopping said she had a year to live – fr

Fit, healthy mom who got ‘confused’ while shopping said she had a year to live – fr

A mother of two who was initially told she suffered from migraines has learned the terrible news that she has a brain tumor.
Louise Hulme, 48, was a fit and healthy woman who went to the gym five days a week, but by December 2019 she had complained of severe headaches.

Her GP initially suggested she was suffering from migraines and was prescribed pain relievers.

But on January 2, 2020, while shopping New Years Eve with her mom and sister, Louise had an episode where she felt the onset of a severe headache and was confused about her. location.

She was taken straight to her local hospital, and after some testing, Louise was diagnosed the day after January 3 as having a brain tumor.

Louise was operated on less than three weeks later at the Walton Center, where 90% of the tumor was removed.

Despite the success of this operation, oncologists later confirmed that Louise had stage 4 brain cancer, with a life expectancy of around 12 to 14 months.

Louise Hulme, 48, led an active, healthy lifestyle and was diagnosed with brain cancer after suffering from blinding headaches

Throughout the following year, Louise underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatments, but in January 2021 the family received the devastating news that the tumor had grown and that no other surgical option in the UK was was available.

Louise’s 27-year-old husband Kev from Warrington said: “Louise and I met when we were 11 when we were both at Padgate High School, and we’ve been together ever since.

“We now have two grown children – Charlotte, 24, and James, 18.

“Louise went to the gym five days a week and I would have described her as extremely fit, so we were absolutely devastated to hear this news. How do you tell children? It was the most upsetting thing.

“Doctors call him ‘the beast of cancers’. They removed as many tumors as they could, but there is no cure anywhere in the world.

“Usually in these cases the person will live another 12 to 14 months, although a small percentage may survive for up to five years.

Louise and her husband Kev pictured with their two children Charlotte, 24, and James, 18

“Louise’s age and fitness were positive but did not guarantee that it would be longer. She had lost partial sight in one eye due to the tumor. “

During the lockdown, Kev conducted extensive research and stumbled upon the Ivy Brain Tumor Center in Phoenix, Arizona, where they are conducting pioneering trials to try to find a cure for brain cancer.

The family’s only hope now is for Louise to travel there for testing to see if the treatment she is offering is successful.

Kev, 47, said: “The neurosurgeons and oncologists in the NHS have been fantastic. I have been everywhere including Harley Street in London and The Christie in Manchester but there is nothing else here available and they are not ready to operate. on Louise.

“I will do absolutely everything to give him the best possible chance. Louise was seen as a perfect candidate for the experimental trials they are conducting at the Brain Tumor Center, although there is no guarantee that they will be successful.

Kev and Louise Hulme Now Place Their Hopes in Innovative Treatment Tested at Brain Tumor Treatment Center in Phoenix, Arizona

“If the treatment can prolong her life for seven years, there may have been further recovery by then. “

The cost of the surgery is $ 162,000 – roughly the equivalent of £ 117,000 – before flights, transport and accommodation, and would require a nine-week stay in Phoenix.

Kev said he was doing everything he could to raise the necessary funds, including borrowing money.

A fundraising page, which was set up just a few days ago, has already raised a staggering £ 47,150 so far (May 3) – including a £ 5,000 donation from one of the aunts by Louise.

Kev said: “We hope to go there for the trial in the next few weeks because we don’t have a lot of time. We are truly overwhelmed with the answer.

“My main hope in the short term is that Louise will still be there to see our daughter get married next year and our son turn 21. “


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