Fears for privacy as France associates “health passes” with the Covid monitoring application –

Fears for privacy as France associates “health passes” with the Covid monitoring application – fr

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Passed by parliament following intense debate, the health passes will serve as proof that a person has been vaccinated against Covid, recently had a negative PCR test, or has sufficient immunity after contracting the virus. virus.

Passes will be accepted in digital form – via a QR code scanned in the TousAntiCovid application – or in the form of paper certificates provided by the health authorities.

Passes will be required for concerts, festivals, theatrical performances, community balls, trade shows and sporting events hosting more than 1,000 people.

President Emmanuel Macron has vowed that they will never be used to create divisions within society.

He says “places of everyday life” – restaurants, museums, cinemas, zoos, libraries and department stores included – may not ask for them. Schools, universities, workplaces and places of worship are also exempt.

A request by resort operator Club Med to use the passes at its French vacation clubs was recently rejected by the government.

New app functionality

To help fend off a summer rebound in the virus, from June 9, France is adding a traceability feature to TousAntiCovid that will alert people visiting restaurants, bars and gyms if they cross paths with someone who will be. later tested positive for Covid.

Businesses will be invited to place posters of QR codes in their entrances. Customers will then have to scan the codes before entering using the TousAntiCovid application. The date and time of their visit are then recorded.

Despite promises that personal data will be protected and that QR codes will remain anonymous, those who fear too much information will be put in the hands of the state have been reluctant.

“I would not want, one thing leading to another, that we end up in a society where we are traced,” Olivier Faure, of the French Socialist Party, told France Info.

“The almost natural tendency is to collect as much data as possible… but I wouldn’t want the state to have data that could be used against the people themselves. “

The government has argued that its smartphone app offers a more confidential method of tracing contacts than it used a year ago, when restaurants used notebooks to collect the names and phone numbers of customers.

“TousAntiCovid establishes correlations between the various QR codes, but does not keep any location history,” assured O. “All data is erased after 15 days. “

So far, 16 million people have downloaded the app, which from the summer will also be compatible with the EU’s Covid digital certificate.

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