Fast & Furious 9 star John Cena apologizes on Weibo after calling Taiwan a ‘country’ –

Fast & Furious 9 star John Cena apologizes on Weibo after calling Taiwan a ‘country’ – fr

Photo de John Cena: CFP

American actor and WWE star John Cena apologized on Chinese social media on Tuesday after falsely indicating that Taiwan is a country in a video promoting his latest film Fast and Furious 9 to the public of the island. Speaking in Chinese, Cena apologized to Chinese viewers through a clip posted to his Weibo account, saying he made a mistake and was very sorry for it.

“I have to say that now, very importantly, I love and respect China and the Chinese people,” Cena said in Chinese in his video, without specifying what mistake he had made.

Cena sparked controversy in early May when he took part in promotional activities for Fast and Furious 9 on the island of Taiwan and said it was the first “country” to be able to watch the film.

Cena’s apology was welcomed by some Chinese netizens, who said he may have been guided by the misinformation.

“Like Cena said, he’s given a lot of information every day, so it’s possible that during the interview in Taiwan, he deliberately received false information and slipped his tongue… but at least he’s came and corrected his mistake. , rather than hiding and not responding to them, ”said another Weibo user.

Others said Cena should explicitly state what he had done wrong and mention Taiwan’s ties to the mainland.

Fast and furious 9 It was originally slated for release on May 19 on the island of Taiwan, but has been postponed due to the recent surge of COVID-19, local media said.

On May 18, the film crew held a press briefing on mainland China with virtual participation from Cena and film star Vin Diesel.

During the press conference, Vin Diesel said he was grateful to the mainland Chinese public for their support for the Fast and furious series, which led him to do something new: he asked the film company to release Fast and furious 9 in mainland China first, to thank the mainland fans.

The film was officially released in mainland China on May 21. Fast and Furious 9 saw a box office profit of 949 million yuan ($ 148 million) on Tuesday morning. Its box office of 317 million yuan on opening day ranks among the top five first day receipts of imported films in the history of the mainland film market, media reported.

Fast and Furious 9 won $ 162 million over the weekend, including $ 135 million from China, media reported.

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