Famous lawyer investigating Carole Baskin’s missing first husband Don Lewis – fr

Famous lawyer investigating Carole Baskin’s missing first husband Don Lewis – fr

A former prosecutor and great lawyer who represents celebrities like Jay Z and Mick Jagger now has a new client – the family of Carole Baskinthe first husband who wants him to solve the case.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Alex Spiro was retained by the family of Don Lewis to investigate his disappearance in 1997.

Our sources say Spiro’s goal is to get to the bottom of the mystery of Lewis before “Tiger King 2” falls.

Spiro has the chops to figure out what happened to Lewis. As a prosecutor he was involved in the serial killer case Rodney Alcala. He also investigated the cold case of Robert Durstthe first wife of. His client list is long and impressive. Besides Jay-Z and Mick, Spiro customers include DeMarcus Cousins, Charles Oakley, Thabo Sefolosha and Julian Edelman.

We are told that he is in the evidence-gathering phase and that he has already interviewed a key witness who passed on information that our sources call “key”.

The sheriff of the area where Don was last seen is convinced he was killed and has investigated, but so far no results.

Our sources say Lewis’s family want Spiro to identify a possible murderer and pass the information on to prosecutors.

As you know now many people I think Carole Baskin was menvolved in Don’s disappearance … something she has strongly and systematically refuse. Don’s assistant told TMZ that on the day he went missing, he told her he was filing for divorce and was leaving the country.

We reached out to Spiro, who declined to comment.


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