Family falls ill with ‘food poisoning’ after hotel quarantine –

Family falls ill with ‘food poisoning’ after hotel quarantine – fr

Abby Pansegrauw, 34, and her one-year-old baby both had to be treated in hospital, the latter for three days, due, they say, to the food given to them at the Novotel London Heathrow Airport in April.

Remaining with her husband, Etienne, and two other children, Mrs Pansegrauw, whose family divides their time between southwest London and Tadpole Village, Wiltshire returned after four months stranded in the Eastern Cape of South Africa as a result the country’s placement on the United Kingdom. red list.

They had originally visited their family for a short trip in December.
“(Ms Pansegrauw) ended up on an IV because she was so dehydrated,” Mr Pansegrauw, 41, who left South Africa for the UK in 1999, told the agency. press release PA.
“The hotel refused to recognize him and refused to apologize.
“I would say it was the worst experience I have ever had, not just a hotel experience.
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The family said Ms Pansegrauw could theoretically have spread a variant of Covid-19 to two London taxi drivers who transported them.
Mr Pansegrauw said the family had to wait two hours for the hotel to arrange transport to the hospital, which they said “would be disinfected” but was ultimately a “regular taxi”.
“When the taxi arrived there were crisps in the back seat, soda cans, it was dirty,” Pansegrauw added.
At the hospital, Ms Pansegrauw was placed in a room with Covid patients – then, on her release, she was taken back to the hotel by another taxi and driver.
“It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it really… when you’re dealing with people who you think might have Covid,” Pansegrauw said.
“They weren’t prepared for this at all.”
A doctor’s report the family showed PA indicates that doctors at their hospital believed food poisoning was a likely cause of the mother and son’s illnesses at Novotel Heathrow.


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