Falkor and Liquid Wind to set up e-methanol facilities in France – fr

Falkor and Liquid Wind to set up e-methanol facilities in France – fr

The French low-carbon investment company Falkor seeks to produce e-methanol in France and southern Europe, which will be used as a marine fuel and would reduce carbon emissions by 94%.
Falkor has become a minority investor and co-development partner in the Swedish power-to-fuel group Liquid Wind, which, along with its consortium partners, Alfa Laval, Clean carbon, Haldor Topsoe et Siemens Energy develops a standardized and modular installation model.

Liquid Wind will license the facility model and its intellectual property to selected partners to develop e-methanol facilities in their region.

“Electro-fuels play an essential role in providing viable solutions to the sectors most difficult to decarbonise. They offer a credible and concrete way to use green hydrogen, ”said Pascal Penicaud, President of Falkor.

Each standardized installation will combine emissions of biogenic carbon dioxide with green hydrogen, producing 50,000 tonnes of e-methanol per year and preventing the emission of 100,000 tonnes of new carbon emissions. According to Liquid Wind, eMethanol is an ideal solution for enabling carbon neutral shipping.

Falkor is now looking for a site and a supplier of biogenic carbon dioxide for the first e-methanol installation in France. Liquid Wind is in talks with other potential co-development partners for other regions.


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