F1’s most iconic race returns and a milestone for Williams – 5 fascinating stories ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix – fr

F1’s most iconic race returns and a milestone for Williams – 5 fascinating stories ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix – fr

After four races on circuits that were used in 2020, this weekend we have our first visit to a location that has been missing from the calendar since 2019 due to the pandemic. Here are some things that we look forward to before our return to Monaco …

1. It’s Monaco!

What more can be said?! Monaco is one of the most iconic racing venues in the world, and its absence was keenly felt last year as the race had to be canceled. The drivers are therefore all desperate to get back on the track and once again experience the pleasure of driving a Formula 1 car in the streets of Monte-Carlo.

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The track always offers a real test, with a lot of emphasis on qualifying due to the difficulty of overtaking, and the drivers love being able to make a real difference themselves in a place where a car’s limitations can be slightly. more compensated by the pilot.

But it’s also an event that brings the glitz and glamor associated with F1, and this year will have even more of it.

Fans – in limited numbers – will be back for this weekend’s race in Monaco
A limited number of fans are allowed to attend, but it will still be one of the biggest crowds we’ve been able to accommodate at a race in some time, with 7,500 spectators per day admitted, as the stands will operate at around 40 hours . % capacity.

2. A different view of Hamilton against Verstappen

This has been a recurring theme so far this season, with all four races so far having seen at least one moment where the two title protagonists have gone from wheel to wheel.

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Hamilton has come out on top three times against Verstappen when we talk about race wins, but each won when the other started from pole position, and Hamilton had to pass Verstappen for victory in Portugal and Spain.

Battle of Hamilton and Verstappen in Barcelona
But Monaco will give us a different dynamic, where it all comes down to qualifying and the first corner. It is very difficult to overtake in the narrow streets, so whoever does the best on Saturday will have done a lot of work.

Red Bull appeared a little more competitive against Mercedes in qualifying, with a pole position margin for Hamilton in Spain of just 0.036s, and Verstappen seeing a time that would have been good enough for the deleted pole in Portugal. With machines this close on a flight lap, the qualifying battle between these two is likely to be absolutely spectacular.

3. Perez under pressure

In some ways, Monaco couldn’t have come at a worse time for Sergio Perez. The Mexican has shown real glimpses of his abilities during his short time at Red Bull so far, but he has also struggled to achieve the required results.

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In Portugal and Spain he was not in the fight alongside Verstappen, Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas because he got stuck behind slower cars in the first part of the race, and that happened. proved particularly expensive in Barcelona. This certainly cannot happen in Monaco, where position on the track is even more important.

Perez needs a good result in Monaco
Red Bull team manager Christian Horner said after Spain that they “desperately needed” Perez to be in the fight to help with their strategic options at the very least, so he will want to respond to the first one. possible occasion.

To his credit, Perez is happy to add to the pressure, saying he has a car capable of fighting for victory in Monaco, so he’s aiming high.

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4. Ferrari and Alpine with high hopes

It is not only Perez who sees Monaco as a great opportunity, as Ferrari and Alpine are aiming for big results in the Principality.

This is largely due to their pace of qualifying, with Ferrari regularly blocking first place behind Mercedes and Red Bull. Charles Leclerc qualified and finished fourth in Barcelona, ​​but they also had the encouraging sign of a strong car in the final sector.

Charles Leclerc finished a solid fourth for Ferrari in Spain and will aim for another good result in his home race this weekend.
While the changes to Turn 10 mean it’s not quite the same barometer as before, Barcelona’s Sector Three features a greater number of medium and low speed turns which are considered to be indicators of shape. from Monaco, and Ferrari was particularly competitive there.

Alpine, on the other hand, has now had back-to-back races where she looks very quick on one lap, but struggles to maintain that form over a race distance. It’s not so much of a problem in Monaco, where getting a good grid position is key and even a poor race pace shouldn’t hurt the end result as faster cars will have a hard time passing.

5. New McLaren livery and 750 for Williams

An iconic race is always a good time to celebrate something special, and that’s exactly what happens with two iconic teams at McLaren and Williams.

As announced on Sunday, McLaren will sport a classic livery that has not been seen in F1 but has been used in their sports car history, taking on the distinctive Gulf colors for the Monaco weekend. The entire car has been changed with an impressive design, but there will also be cool suits, special driver’s helmets and bespoke team gear.

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As McLaren recognizes a partnership, Williams celebrates a milestone in its history as it enters its 750th Grand Prix. As part of this, the team invites fans to find out their race number – how many races they have been a Williams supporter – using a special calculator on the team’s website, and will then carry the names of 100 lucky winners on the halo. of the FW43B this weekend.

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Limited edition products are also on sale and a unique logo is applied to the car to mark the occasion, as Williams becomes the third team – after Ferrari and McLaren – to reach the milestone.

After such a competitive race for the team in Spain, it would be a pretty good time to finally land their first points since 2019, right?


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