Every patient has the right to see a GP as the NHS abandons ‘total triage’ – fr

Every patient has the right to see a GP as the NHS abandons ‘total triage’ – fr

The Patients’ Association had called for in-person consultations to be reinstated as the ‘default’ option, with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) saying the policies were too risky.

Its chief executive, Rachel Power, said some patients had experienced terminal illnesses resulting from illnesses that could have been treated had they been allowed a face-to-face appointment.

Instructions to the NHS also warn GPs that they must stop dissuading patients from surrendering given the widespread use of signs discouraging patients from surrendering.

A reader told The Telegraph about a situation where a GP admitted he had many free appointments when he visited, but told him he should always book online.

So far, NHS advice has indicated that those attempting to make an appointment by showing up should be discouraged by showing them how to do it on a smartphone or internet kiosk.

The new guide says: “All office receptions should be open to patients, respecting social distancing… this is important to ensure that patients who do not have easy access to phones or other devices are not not disadvantaged in their ability to access care ”.

He adds that all patients should receive the same treatment, unlike previous advice that said those trying to make an appointment over the phone shouldn’t have one in case that discourages people from using the online systems, he adds. and says, “Patients should be treated consistently regardless of the mode of access. “

In addition, every GP website should now provide advice on how to contact the doctor, including how to get in-person or walk-in services.

Figures for February this year show that 55% of all GP appointments were in person, up from 81% the year before.

It comes as the latest data showed nearly five million people are now awaiting treatment at the NHS hospital – the highest number since records began in August 2007.


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