EU news: French MEP bursts into EU and calls on France to join 11 rebel member states | World

EU news: French MEP bursts into EU and calls on France to join 11 rebel member states | World

In a message posted on her party’s website Rassemblement National, the French MEP claimed that EU leaders had plotted to gain more power over the sovereign right of member states to decide their social policies and of employment at the Porto summit in early May.

Ms Bilde, however, said that while French President Emmanuel Macron was pushing for a united social policy across the bloc, 11 of her counterparts rebelled against the idea.
She raged: “While the European summit in Porto was held on May 7 and 8, employment, training and poverty were discussed in order to further strengthen the power of the European authorities at a time when the health crisis was not stops wreaking havoc.

“Like the empty speeches that were held there, it must be said that the enthusiasm of Emmanuel Macron was somewhat tempered by the skepticism of several of his European partners.

“On the sidelines of this important meeting which was the high point of the Portuguese presidency, eleven countries including Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Malta, the Netherlands, Sweden and the Baltic States issued an informal joint declaration stressing the need to respect “national autonomy in social policies”.

“We are now fed up with the European Commission, which keeps meddling in our own affairs!” ”
She added: “The European authorities have continued to extend their control in many areas beyond any democratic consent, flouting the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality.

“We are beginning to understand that the current health crisis is an ideal alibi for supporters of European construction. “

Urging the French to vote for Marine Le Pen in the upcoming French presidential elections, the French MEP said the right-wing candidate would fight the bloc’s relentless attempt to integrate further.

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EU heads of state and government met in the Portuguese city earlier this month to discuss the bloc’s social affairs strategy for the next decade.

Speaking to the media after talks with Austrian Labor Minister Martin Kocher over the weekend, Hungarian Minister Laszlo Palkovics said the two countries “will accept the basic principles and take the methods into consideration, but will not accept that this area be withdrawn from the Member States ”. .

A few days before the summit, Mr Kocher of the Austrian People’s Party said that the EU lacked competence in the field of labor policy and that his government could therefore not agree to cede its sovereign powers to decide on such a question.

Mr Palkovics also noted that Hungary was opposed to a unified European tax system.

According to the Hungarian position, the control of the increase of certain types of taxes should remain in the hands of the member states to adapt to “various levels of development and economic structures”, he said.

If, however, the EU decides to unify the system, “a number of adjustment tools are available”, he added.


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