Eric Clapton tears up Covid vaccine against Robin Monotti Graziadei – fr

Eric Clapton tears up Covid vaccine against Robin Monotti Graziadei – fr

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Eric Clapton wrote a letter detailing his “disastrous” reactions to the coronavirus vaccine – blaming what he called “propaganda” that promoted the safety of the vaccine.

Clapton detailed his experience in a letter to Robin Monotti Graziadei, an Italian architect and film producer with a story of going after the Covid-19 vaccine – qualifying his reactions as “disastrous”.

“In February of this year, before I learned the nature of vaccines, (and to be 76 years old with ephezyma [sic]) I was at the forefront, ”he wrote in the letter, which was shared on Telegram and verified by Rolling stone. “I took the first shot of [the AstraZeneca vaccine] and immediately had severe reactions that lasted ten days, I finally recovered and was told it would take twelve weeks before the second.

He continued to detail his reactions, saying that “his hands and feet were either frozen, numb or hot, and pretty much useless for two weeks.”

“I was worried that I would never play again,” he wrote, citing his peripheral neuropathic disorder and adding, “But the propaganda said the vaccine was safe for everyone.”

Common side effects of AstraZeneca vaccine include general flu-like symptoms, “generally feeling unwell”, “joint or muscle pain” and other less common symptoms such as “abdominal pain” and “enlarged lymph nodes” .

According to Healthline, people diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy often experience numbness or “tingling in the hands or feet,” “sharp, throbbing pain” and “a feeling of weakness and heaviness in the arms and legs. which can sometimes look like your legs. or the arms lock into place. “

Clapton then denounced the “rhetoric” of the government and “the dedication of the general public” to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and “his friends”.

“Then I was directed to From [Morrison]; that’s where I found my voice, and even though I sang his lyrics, they echoed in my heart, ”Clapton wrote. “I recorded ‘Stand and Deliver’ in 2020, and I was immediately showered with contempt and contempt.

Clapton and Morrison collaborated on anti-lockdown song Stand and deliver in December 2020, during which they continued Covid-19 lockdowns and accused the UK government of attacking personal freedoms.

“Do you want to be a free man,” Clapton sings at one point. “Or do you want to be a slave?”

“I continue to follow the path of passive rebellion and try to draw the line so that I can actively love my family, but it’s hard to bite my tongue with what I know now,” Clapton added in his letter, ending his rant. saying he has been a “rebel” against “tyranny and arrogant authority” his whole life.

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