Eric Clapton Blames ‘Propaganda’ for ‘Disastrous’ Covid Vaccine Experiment – fr

Eric Clapton Blames ‘Propaganda’ for ‘Disastrous’ Covid Vaccine Experiment – fr

Eric Clapton detailed his ‘disastrous’ health experience after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine and accused ‘propaganda’ of overstating the safety of the vaccine in a letter the guitarist shared with an architect / anti-lockdown activist .

Clapton previously shared his thoughts on stopping Covid-19 when he appeared on Van Morrison’s anti-lockdown song “Stand and Deliver” in December 2020; two months later, in February, Clapton received his first of two AstraZeneca vaccinations he wrote in his letter to Robin Monotti Graziadei, who shared the letter on his telegram courtesy of the guitarist. (Rolling stone confirmed the authenticity of the letter. A representative for Clapton did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

“I took the first shot of AZ and immediately had a severe reaction that lasted ten days. I finally recovered and was told it would take twelve weeks before the second… ”Clapton wrote.

“About six weeks later I was offered and took the second AZ shot, but with a little more awareness of the dangers. Needless to say, the reactions were disastrous, my hands and feet were either frozen, numb, or burning, and virtually useless for two weeks, I was afraid I would never play again (I have peripheral neuropathy and wouldn’t have I never had to go near the needle.) But the propaganda said the vaccine was safe for everyone… ”

In the letter, Clapton also discussed the discovery of “heroes” like British anti-lockdown politician Desmond Swayne as well as like-minded (and some would say conspiratorial) YouTube channels.

“I continue to walk the path of passive rebellion and try to draw the line so that I can actively love my family, but it’s hard to bite my tongue with what I know now,” Clapton wrote.

“Then I was directed to Van [Morrison]; that’s where I found my voice, and even though I sang his lyrics, they echoed in my heart, ”Clapton wrote. “I recorded ‘Stand and Deliver’ in 2020, and I was immediately showered with contempt and contempt.

Last December, Clapton said in an accompanying statement to “Stand and Deliver”: “Many of us support Van and his efforts to save live music; he is an inspiration. We have to stand up and be counted because we have to find a way out of this mess. The alternative is not worth thinking about. Live music might never recover. (On a similar note, Clapton allegedly loaned a van to a UK band who continue to perform live music across the UK to protest the lockdown measures.)

Clapton also revealed in his letter that he is performing on “Where Have All the Rebels Gone?” From Morrison. Latest recording project Vol. 1, the Irish singer’s “obscurely strange and deliciously terrible” new album, as Rolling stone called him. (Clapton mistakenly calls the track “The Rebels” in his letter.)

“It’s not aggressive or provocative, he just asks, ‘Where have all the rebels gone? Hiding behind their computer screens. Where is the spirit, where is the soul. Where have all the rebels gone, ”Clapton wrote.

“I’ve been a rebel all my life, against tyranny and arrogant authority, which we have now,” Clapton wrote. “But I also yearn for brotherhood, compassion and love… I believe that with these things we can triumph.”


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