Emotions run high as supporters gather in London –

Emotions run high as supporters gather in London – fr

A vigil was held for Sasha Johnson, the black anti-racist activist who fights for her life after being shot when violence erupted at a party.
The rally took place at Ruskin Park, Camberwell, behind Kings College Hospital, south London, on Monday afternoon.

Ms Johnson, 27, remains in critical condition in hospital after being shot in the head in Peckham, south-east London, in the early hours of Sunday.

More than 150 people attended the vigil which lasted around four hours of chanting prayers, sharing memories of Ms Johnson and positive affirmations, as well as beating drums and pouring a libation.

Relatives and friends spoke passionately about their time spent with the mother of two, sending their best wishes to the injured activist.

One man, who said he met the activist a few years ago before last year’s Black Lives Matter protests, told attendees at the vigil: “Sasha Johnson is not going anywhere. The black woman must be protected at all costs. Women are warriors, women are fierce, the girl is equal to the “goddess”. Sasha puts her passion, her life and her power into the life of liberation. She doesn’t deserve this.

Sasha Johnson’s vigil took place in Camberwell, South London

(The independent)

“Sasha is a fighter – she doesn’t stay down. She is everyone of the genres and queens of the past in one body. That’s who she is, ”said another friend.

A friend who was visibly in tears during the event told the crowd how much of a devoted mother Ms Johnson is.

“She just celebrated her son’s birthday last week and has done it all. There is nothing these boys could say they would ever need on this land that she did not provide, ”she said.

“Sasha is a friend. If you are lucky to say that you know her – she will give you anything, you can call her at 3 in the morning and say “sister” to her, no matter if she is tired, she will wake up.

“It can’t be that (…). We are going to Ghana for Christmas, oh!

Another activist urged members of the local community to cooperate with the police as investigations into the shooting continue while “holding them accountable”.

Two speakers at the vigil paid tribute to the anti-racist activist who fights for her life

(The independent)

“Your kind hearts and emotions are all appreciated right now as we send them, through our ancestors, to Sasha and her family,” one man added.

“Unfortunately in our community there are bad eggs as well as good eggs, and it is up to us to make sure that these bad eggs are held accountable for their actions, as it is not acceptable that our bad eggs wipe out our warriors – whether men or women – who are often here around the clock without any pay, working for our community, our families, ”

The same activist warned members of the vigil, “Don’t give the white supremacist media a story, don’t give them a story, don’t give them anything until they give us less racism, fair representation. , peace, justice and security.

It later appeared that there was a confrontation between LBC reporter Matthew Thompson and members of the vigil.

Talk to The independent at the vigil Leo Muhummad, an activist and former actor, said he could “do nothing but be here”

“I heard the news of what happened to our sister Sasha Johnson and I was determined to come and show respect and stand in solidarity with our sister to add all the positive energy that we can add so that the Creator can , if that’s His will. , bring her back where she is, ”he said.

“I know my sister and she is a young warrior on behalf of our people. I couldn’t do anything but be here.

Leo Muhammad who asked about the Ms Johnson shooting: “Why do we have these gangs?

(The independent)

Referring to rumors about the circumstances surrounding Ms Johnson’s hospitalization, Mr Muhammad said: ‘It is said that the shooting was not targeted on the younger sister and that she may have been linked to a gang – and it’s almost like we’re collectively saying that with some kind of relief.

“Why is this acceptable? Why do we have these gangs? “

Metropolitan Police said there was no evidence the 27-year-old activist was the intended target of the shooting – although the Taking The Initiative party, of which she is a member, said the attack came after “Numerous death threats as a result of his activism” in an Instagram post.

Ms Johnson’s friend Imarn Ayton told BBC News: ‘As far as we know she was at a party.

“There was a rival gang who might have heard of someone who was part of that group that they didn’t feel very comfortable with or who they didn’t trust and therefore resorted to. the car and pulled into the yard, and one of those hits obviously hit Sasha Johnson.

“But I don’t think she was the intended victim.

Ms Ayton also said: “Of course I can’t speculate, I wasn’t there. “

Police investigations are continuing.


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