Elon Musk Brings Rating Increase to “SNL” – fr

Elon Musk Brings Rating Increase to “SNL” – fr

Elon Musk’s turn as host of “Saturday Night Live” took the NBC mainstay late at night to his third best rating of the season.

The May 8 edition of “SNL” averaged a rating of 4.8 for households in Nielsen night-time meter markets and a rating of 2.7 for adults aged 18 to 49. This placed the Musk episode at # 3 behind Dave Chappelle’s outing as host on November 7 and the October 3 season premiere presented by Chris Rock. Musk tied the October 24 rating with the episode Adele hosted with ELLE in the music slot.

Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, made headlines when he revealed he has Asperger’s syndrome during his opening monologue. Musk marked the rare choice of a business personality to host NBC’s nightlife institution, though his pop culture profile has grown in recent years thanks to some of his antics and business ventures, all of which have been spoofed on “SNL”.

Musk’s prominence on social media and his status as one of the richest moguls in the world have fueled interest in his appearance in the sketch series. For the first time ever, “SNL” was also broadcast live on YouTube in over 100 countries.

Musk has been reprimanded by financial regulators for his statements about his state-owned companies in channels unusual for a CEO. During his monologue, he joked that “SNL” was live and the risk it posed to him.

“I could say something really shocking – like I’m driving a Prius,” he said.

The most recent original of “SNL,” the April 10 edition hosted by “Promising Young Woman” star Carey Mulligan, averaged 3.6 ratings in 44 night-time markets that measure audiences on late night weekend, and 1.5 for adults aged 18-49.

NBC noted that “SNL” to date is enjoying its most-watched season in four years based on total viewers with an average of 12.6 million over 17 episodes to date.

“SNL” will close its 46th season with two more original episodes: May 15 with host Keegan-Michael Key and musical guest Olivia Rodrigo and the May 22 finale with host Anna Taylor-Joy and musical guest Lil Nas X.


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