Ellen DeGeneres says she didn’t cancel the show over allegations – fr

Ellen DeGeneres says she didn’t cancel the show over allegations – fr


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«Ce n'est pas vrai, Ellen»
“It’s not true, Ellen”
Screenshot: EllenTube

On Wednesday it was announced that The Ellen DeGeneres ShowNext season will be the last. It’s been a long time to come, after BuzzFeed News published a talk in 2020 where employees detailed how a toxic workplace was behind the scenes. The article details cases of racism, workers sacked after taking sick leave or a day to attend family funerals and gender pay gaps. The next morning, after announcing the show’s final season, DeGeneres appeared on Today to discuss the reasons why she decided to terminate Ellen, denying that it had anything to do with the allegations.

“If that was the reason I quit, I wouldn’t have come back this year. Because it all happened – what you’re talking about was last summer. And honestly, I really thought about not coming back because it was devastating, ”she said. She noted that the main reason she was considering stopping the show after the talk was because she thought her fans would start to believe that the (very believable) allegations were real, “I kept saying in Portia [de Rossi]“If I was a fan of someone and even if I loved them but saw something going on for that long, I would think there must be some truth to it because it just doesn’t stop. It made me think that someone was really trying to hurt me.

She also claims that she had no idea the show was a toxic work environment. “I never saw anything that could indicate this. An investigation took place and I found out that there were things that were not right and we took care of that. But it was horrible timing, because it was me, then the show, and it was something like, ‘Why do I want to come back? It was really personal and I felt like someone really didn’t want the show to come back. And I thought, ‘Well, if I don’t come back, they win. And I’m not going to let them win. “

She also alludes to being accused of employee mistreatment and multiple rumors that she was rude to people, saying, “I thought something was going on because it was too orchestrated, that is. was too coordinated. People get caught, but for four months in a row for me, and for me to read in the press about a toxic work environment when all I’ve heard from every guest that comes on the show is what a happy atmosphere it is and what a happy place.

But in the words of Dakota Johnson, that’s not true, Ellen! Months before the publication of BuzzFeed News which plunged into the tense environment of the show, famous YouTuber Nikkie De Jager told the Dutch magazine & C what did not appreciate his experience on the show, saying, “Call me naive, but I kinda expected to be greeted with confetti cannons: ‘Welcome to The Ellen DeGeneres Show! ‘But instead, I was greeted by an angry intern who was a bit overworked. She also shared that DeGeneres had not greeted her personally at any time before the interview. And let’s not forget that legendary awkward interview with Dakota Johnson, where Johnson told her at close range that she didn’t know if the talk show host liked her. Now that Ellen it’s over, we’ll have to see if other celebrities finally feel comfortable detailing what it was really like to be on the show.


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