Ejected Luka Doncic at one technical point from automatic suspension, swears he “won’t have another” this season – fr

Ejected Luka Doncic at one technical point from automatic suspension, swears he “won’t have another” this season – fr

Absolutely nothing happened for the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday as they lost 111-99 to the Sacramento Kings. In the process, they shot 17.1% from 3-point dirt, returned the ball over 16 times and Luka Doncic and coach Rick Carlisle were sent off.

To a certain extent you just have to cancel those kinds of games and move on to the next one, but it gets harder to do that this late in the season, especially when the loss can have a big impact on the future. After picking up two techniques in that game, Doncic now has 15 for the season, meaning he will be suspended for one game if he picks up another.

Doncic’s ejection came with less than a minute to go and appeared to stun the young star. Coming out of a time out, he had a brief conversation with the referees, then was hit with a second technique and sent off from the match. You can see the events unfold below:

Subsequently, official Rodney Mott explained during the pool report that Doncic had been kicked out for unsportsmanlike behavior.

QUESTION: Why was the second technical foul inflicted on Doncic?

MOTT: “The second technical foul was called for throwing the ball due to the frustrations of a call. Throw the ball, the length of the court clearly, which is also an unsportsmanlike technical foul. “

QUESTION: “Why was it unsportsmanlike instead of delaying the game? “

MOTT: “We had a time out and he takes the ball and he doesn’t throw it to the nearest referee, he throws the ball the entire length of the pitch making it an unsportsmanlike act. The rule clearly states that you must return the ball. to the nearest official. ”

Technical fouls can be overturned by the league, and this call seems a little harsh, so maybe Doncic has a chance this one will be picked up. Otherwise, he will have to adopt his best behavior the rest of the regular season. If he hits 16 technical points, that’s an automatic one-game suspension, something the Mavericks can’t afford right now. Doncic is well aware of this and after the game he vowed to keep his emotions in check going forward.

“I won’t have another one,” Doncic said, via ESPN. ” Do not worry. ”

Carlisle said the team had informed Doncic that he was approaching an automatic suspension, although the Mavs coach was partly responsible for his own behavior on Sunday night.

“Look, I set a bad example tonight by getting two myself,” Carlisle said. “It’s on me. I apologized to the team after the game for that too. This is not the good example… I have four techniques this year; they are all from the same guy. [referee CJ Washington]. I don’t know exactly what that says, but there is a saying: “Reasonable men have the right to disagree”. I’ll stick to that. “

After Sunday’s games, the Mavs are tied at three with the Portland Trail Blazers and Los Angeles Lakers for fifth place in the Western Conference. With the way the rankings change, two of those teams will finish fifth and sixth, securing spots for the automatic playoffs, while another will finish seventh and need to go to the play-in tournament. Obviously, the Mavericks would rather avoid a play-in scenario, and losing Doncic in any of their last eight games would be a blow to these prospects.


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