Edmonton Oilers gear up for playoffs with 4-3 OT win over Montreal: game notes – fr

Edmonton Oilers gear up for playoffs with 4-3 OT win over Montreal: game notes – fr

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In a draw for the Edmonton Oilers, they put in a better-than-solid effort and salted 2 points with a thrilling goal from Draisaitl against McDavid in overtime for the 4-3 winner.

The Oilers couldn’t take advantage of their 1 Power Play chance. But the Oilers’ PK unit killed 2 opportunities and has now wiped out 21 man-advantages in a row.

No major injuries along the way, and Edmonton helped knock the Calgary Flames out of the postseason table in the process.

Here is the story of the band.

Edmonton Oilers playing levels

MIKKO KOSKINEN. 5. Koskinen had no real chance on the 1-0 goal. And the blanket broke down in front of him on the 2-2. However, that 3-3 goal over his right shoulder was horrible. An NHL goalie has to stop this. Koskinen’s young D-man had the shooter tilted and covered enough, and far enough away that a screen shouldn’t have been a real factor. Finally stopped 25 of 28. A 2nd The downtime on Byron was probably his best. It would be seen as a rebound from that disaster during his last absence. But a narrow pass mark is about all I’m willing to part with. Was 0-3 against Montreal.


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CONNOR McDAVID. 6. Scored the winning goal in the 3v3 OT by receiving a perfect pass from Leon Draisaitl, then faking Allen forehand-backhand-forehand-up-and-in. On the 3-2, after burning, Tatar McDavid then looked but instead shot a dart into the lunge that Kahun sliced. Yes, he also scored 3 goals against. But was back to cover the point on the 1-0 and his man didn’t touch the puck. He was on the ice for the 2-2 but it was a 3 on 3 as he crossed the line and even though he had taken the extra few steps his man also didn’t hit the puck out. that time. And the 3-3 was on the goalie. So… context matters. I just played 19:07, weak for him.

LEON DRAISAITL. 7. Match winner’s total value by first removing Tatar from the puck, then shooting an arrow from a pass to McDavid who made no mistake on the overtime breakaway. It was his 81st point of the season. His 80e came on a deft entry and pass to Yamamoto, who quickly found himself on Nugent-Hopkins’ stick and in the net for the 2-1. In any normal year we would make a huge deal on Leon Draisaitl with 80 points in just 54 games. Her role in Objective 3-2 is below (Nurse). Won a battle deep in his own zone and cleared the puck of danger in the dying seconds of rule. 75% face-offs. +31 to lead the NHL. 14 points in his last 6.

JESSE PULJUJARVI. 5. Calm. No hits. Just 1 hit. The scoresheet brought Jesse Puljujarvi a -2 on the night. But he was the 1st forward backward on the 2-2. And nowhere near the problem on his other dashboard. So this statistic is a bit misleading when it comes to Jesse’s play. But it wasn’t prime-time Puljujarvi, either. A good 1st Period stick. A good 2nd Period cleared from its own area.


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NURSE DARNELL. 5. Over-committed on goal 1-0. Did Byron (the scorer) enter the zone 2-0, but pulled away towards the puck carrier who was already covered. Seeing the early cover develop, Leon Draisaitl stayed high and then had no chance of reaching the net when things broke. So he deserved the least but I didn’t see Leon as the main culprit. Cleared the pressure area after the Habs had pressed at the end of the 2nd.

TYSON BARRIE. 5. Barrie almost won the match in OT, but his rocket beat the hand of Jake Allen’s glove and ricocheted off the post and out. A Savardian Spin-O-Rama followed by a pointed-headed dress pass sends Kahun on a good 3rd Period luck. Barrie pinched the ice on goal 1-0, but came back and turned that Montreal chance into 1-on-3, so the pinch wasn’t a major factor in the end and certainly not the only one.

RYAN NUGENT-HOPKINS. 7. Nugent-Hopkins scored the 2-1 goal on the wrist in a game where the puck was on his stick and came off in the blink of an eye. It was his 15th of the campaign. Veteran defensive play to help clear the area on a 2nd Montreal period PP. Had a good wrist shot in O / T. A good 3rd Period verification. Solid performance.

DOMINIK KAHUN. 6. Passed a nice pass through McDavid’s lunge for the 3-2. He threw a shot towards the net which Tyson Barrie narrowly missed after activating the point. 2 hits and one hit.

KAILER YAMAMOTO. 5. Received an assist on the Nugent-Hopkins goal although Yamamoto was on the move when the puck was deflected to 93 which was wide open. Drew a 1st PP period. Also took a penalty. Had the puck on his stick over time, but failed to clear his own area at the start of 3rd. Still in a rut.


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DMITRY KULIKOV. 6. 2 shots, one shot one block, +2 in 19:12. It didn’t look worse for wear and tear after attending an injury game.

ADAM LARSSON. 7. A terrific play on Corey Perry to stop a dangerous cycle on the Canadiens PP. Created just enough legal interference to help outsmart Anderson on a 3rd Period break. His usual strong defensive performance. 2 shots and a success in 22:13. +2.

RYAN McLEOD. 7. His best game as an NHL-er so far. McLeod got his first NHL assist on scorer James Neal 1-1. Prepare Bear for a Power Play Chance at the end of 1st. A pass to Draisaitl in the 3rd created another opportunity. Led the All-Events CF team (12-7, 63%). One little thing that will never show up on Sports Center: in his last quarter late in the 3rd McLeod approached the Montreal blueline with a bit of space. But instead of trying to beat someone one-on-one, he instead played the veteran and dropped him safely around the corner. 75% on prints.

JAMES NEAL. 7. Get hot just in time for the playoffs. Scored just: 20 after Montreal scored the opener as Neal managed a rebound for the 1-1. He had another chance the very next shift after McLeod lifted a loose puck from the wall to wait for him alone in the lunge, but he knocked it off the post. Led the club with 5 hits. When it comes from your 3rd line, you will enjoy this performance every day of the week.

ALEX CHIASSON. 6. This trio was excellent. Chiasson got the 2nd assist on goal 1-1. It was the 200th point in his serious NHL career. 3 shots. A blank, defensive sheet.


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CALEB JONES. 6. I’ve been tough on this young man this season. But he made a very solid effort on Monday. No help for him in the 2-1 goal, but it was his nice pass to Draisaitl that led to the 29-56-93 rally at the other end of the ice. Got an assist on a much simpler game, throwing the puck at McDavid just before he changed to 3-2. His man scored 3-3 but it was all on the goalie, Jones had his man tilted and cleared.

ETHAN BEAR. 7. Ethan Bear had a great game. 5 shots, 3 blocks, 2 shots. Made significant offensive contributions in all 3 periods. Named the 3 of the gamerd Star and well deserved.

JUJHAR KHAIRA. 5. 4 hits, 2 blocks, 55% on draws, a perfect 1:44 on PK. Decent, heavy work from Khaira along the boards. Not particularly sharp with the puck.

DEVIN SHORE. 5. Devin Shore made 2 super smart defensive plays at the start of the 1st Period that made me think “this is what this guy is going to dress in the playoffs”. 3 shots, 2 blocks.

JOSH ARCHIBALD. 5. Miles skated, 3 hits and a shot, effective on the PK. Will be a glue guy in the playoffs.

Alex Stalock backed Mikko Koskinen tonight, his first dress game for the Oilers, giving Mike Smith a much-needed night off.

The win leaves the Oilers 34-18-2 for 70 points, safely folded in 2nd Place in the Canadian division with 2 games to play. 31-12-2 in their last 45.

The next step? Another against the Habs on Wednesday.

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