Edmonton Oilers clinch playoff berth in dominant 5-3 performance against Vancouver Canucks: playing notes – fr

Edmonton Oilers clinch playoff berth in dominant 5-3 performance against Vancouver Canucks: playing notes – fr

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The Edmonton Oilers clinched a playoff berth.

We haven’t been able to say that much, over the past 20 years, so let’s let that headline rest for a moment, shall we?

The score of 5-3 flattered Vancouver, who were vastly outscored for the majority of the 60 minutes and only had one shot 15 minutes after the 3.rd. The Canucks’ defense in particular had no answer for the McDavid-Draisaitl-Puljujarvi line, which dominated almost every time they hit the ice.

As for Connor, the 4-point game gives him 91 in 50. 6 more games to reach the century mark, which arguably means more to 97 now that his team has secured a postseason berth.

Here is the story of the band.

Edmonton Oilers playing levels

MIKKO KOSKINEN. 7. Was sharp at first which was fortunate as the Canucks jumped into the 1st 20 minutes. An early save from Bo Horvat on a wrap-around seemed to set the tone. Found the puck on a very hard Pearson deflection later in the same frame. A 3rd stop in this same period came out of a Hawryluk drive. Was at least partially screened on the 1-1. Rapid renewal of zone D led to the 2nd GEORGIA. The 3rd The Canucks’ market was right on the brink of a showdown, but I felt Koskinen had a chance on it. Stopped 18 of 21. In the end, however, Koskinen did what you expect from a goalie… give his team a chance to win.


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CONNOR McDAVID. 9. Was on fire while centering a line for which Vancouver had no response. Helped create turnover along the wall on the 1-0. His wrist shot created the flurry ahead which ended in 2-1. Blasted past the Vancouver defenders at Mach-3, and in the process, he beat a twist of a stick and between the glove and Holtby’s ribs for the 3-1. And it was Connor who had removed the puck in the first place. Salted the game with an empty net. 2-2-4, +4. A pleasure to watch at night and in the evening.

LEON DRAISAITL. 7. Draisaitl teeed off the puck for Jesse Puljujarvi’s 1-0 explosion. Set McDavid ready for the 5-3 with a clean pass over the offensive blue line. Won the face-off cleanly on the 2-1 although he didn’t get any official help on the game. He had 2 shots of himself, and that’s not to mention a wonderful individual effort in the game. the 3rd Period where he beat 2 Vancouver defenders but not Braden Holtby (who was pretty good in this one, by the way). Sharp defensively too, adding a good stick that disrupted a Canucks lead in the 2nd, and a devious takeout in the 3rd.rd. Also teamed up with Puljujarvi for an end of 3rd Clear period. +32 over the year to lead the NHL.

JESSE PULJUJARVI. 8. Finished a nice 3-way passing game by slamming a snapshot past Holtby for the 1-0. Jesse and Connor had made some strong defensive plays along the way that helped return the puck in the first place. Won a puck fight that saw Barrie recover the puck for the 2-1. Jesse and Draisaitl have teamed up for a 3 reviewrd Clear period. It looks like the speed of the game in the NHL has slowed down for Puljujarvi, and the straights he leads to the puck and the net are paying off. Good for him.


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NURSE DARNELL. 7. Darnell Nurse came up with a big block of shooting to help keep the score 1-1 at the end of the 1st Period. A good stick stopped a Canucks outing in the 2nd. He took his man but not the puck on the 3-2, but to be clear, the nurse was very partially responsible for that streak. The 23:32 he returned tonight was a “rest” by Darnell Nurse standards. He and Barrie overall had a great night,

TYSON BARRIE. 7. Tyson Barrie’s pinch off the right wall helped start the round that ended in 1-0. Then he charged off the point to rebound for the 2-1. Was caught on the ice on goal 3-2 but did what a D-man is supposed to do in this situation, which is to contain his own man… plus he had 2 men behind. There is not a lot of blame to be attributed in these circumstances. Posted an All-Events CF of 30-22.60%.

RYAN NUGENT-HOPKINS. 8. Except for 1, single play I felt Ryan Nugent-Hopkins played his best game as a center this year. Got a 2nd Attend on 4-2. Drew a 2nd Period hook a second after installing Kahun for a chance. Stoned by Holtby’s pad halfway through the 2nd. Lost the net face-off on 4-3 to make play closer than it was. Otherwise, 53% on point.

DOMINIK KAHUN. 7. Wired at home a timer for 4-2. It was 1 of 4 shots for him in the evening. Kahun, Nugent-Hopkins, and Yamamoto enjoyed tremendous success all night long. I wanted to make a point on this since I had underlined in my Sunday column “9 things” that this trio would be clever but undersized. Well, that last one didn’t hurt them tonight. Good for them.


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KAILER YAMAMOTO. 6. Dug the puck out of a Canucks crowd, starting the streak that led to Kahun’s goal. Good clear on a 2nd PK period. Prepare Nugent-Hopkins for a Dangerous 3rd Shot of the period, but Holtby got the blocker on time. Late to the shooter on the 4-3, but to be fair … it was a split second after the face-off.

DMITRY KULIKOV. 8. It was Kulikov’s best game in an Oilers jersey so far. An excellent pass to Kahun for the 4-2 and his 1st point like an oiler. Could not get a piece of the puck on the 4-3. Tough along the boards, won several puck races to get her to safety. That’s why they got it. 2 shots, 3 shots, 2 blocks.

ADAM LARSSON. 7. Led all D-men in All-Events CF (26-15, 63%). One shot, 3 hits and a clean 1:12 on the PK. Led the team to TOI at 24:08. Vancouver had virtually no success against the Larsson-Kulikov duo. You’ll see it all in the playoffs. Larsson is playing his best hockey as an oiler.

RYAN McLEOD. 5. Statement on the 3-2 goal. In all fairness, the kid was exactly where he was supposed to be, covering Barrie who had led her own man along the wall. But the puck ticked off the end of its stick and straight into the path of JT Miller in charge. But again, won the battle of the odds for and against and was 57% in the circle. 1 shot.

TYLER ENNIS. 5. Had energy and took the puck to the net a few times. 2 shots, including one of a nice McLeod set-up. 2 takeaways, one of them on a smart back track at the end of the 1st Period.

JOSH ARCHIBALD. 5. JT Miller flew over Archibald on the blue line and picked up McLeod’s turnover for the 3-2. But Archie’s shot block in zone D returned the puck and sent Draisaitl and McDavid back for the 5-3. Whistled for a 2nd Period trip. A rare night with 0 hits.


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CALEB JONES. 4. Jones was decent in the 1st Period but played sparingly after that and struggled in the 3rd, including a streak where he was beaten 1 on 1 but Koskinen bailed him out. There is too much in his game at this point in the season. I have a good 3rd period drawn away from the point.

ETHAN BEAR. 5. Was leading 1-1 and while Bear tied up his man there was at least a Mikko Koskinen-style partial screen. A shot and a block in 15:43.

JUJHAR KHAIRA. 4. Was physically engaged in the game upon return from concussion protocol, but was not specific. A soft, misguided pass in his own corner turned the puck and led straight to 1-1. 5 hits, 2 take out.

ALEX CHIASSON. 5. 3 shots on goal. -1 but was not responsible for the purpose for which he was on the ice. A smart 3rd Clear period area.

JAMES NEAL. 4. Had a good early chance thanks to a Chiasson flow. To take away.

Win raises Oilers to 2nd in the Canadian division with 64 points. The next step? Vancouver, again tomorrow. Or is it “later today”?

Meanwhile, Ottawa beat Winnipeg and Montreal edged Toronto. So who will the Oilers face in the 1st The trick is still far from clear.

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