Dyson vacuum fans warned of dangerous new scam sweeping the UK – fr

Dyson vacuum fans warned of dangerous new scam sweeping the UK – fr

A number of UK residents have started receiving emails claiming to be from well-known department stores, like Currys PC World, congratulating them on winning a Dyson vacuum. If you’ve recently purchased something from Currys PC World – or just logged in to their site to check out the latest Bank Holiday deals – there’s a good chance you think this raffle is the real deal. The email includes a prominent “Get Started” button that will supposedly guide you through the prize claim process.
Unfortunately, everything is a scam.

Currys PC World does not currently offer free Dyson vacuums. The email was designed to try to steal your bank details. To do this, the scam team at Currys PC World will ask you for a small extra charge of £ 1 to cover the cost of delivering your prize. If you enter your credit or debit card details, that information is passed directly to the cyber crooks behind the email scam, allowing them to start their own shopping spree behind your back.

“You are the lucky online winner of a brand new FREE Dyson Vacuum Contest! It will only take you a minute to receive this fantastic prize, ”an example of the email scam promises.

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A few variations of this scam are currently circulating in the UK, with some versions promising a free MacBook Pro or Nespresso machine as a prize. Needless to say, all of these are bogus and are designed to use the same £ 1 delivery charge to access your bank details.
Speaking about the recent email, Ray Walsh, a digital privacy expert at ProPrivacy, told Express.co.uk: “UK consumers should be on the lookout for unexpected emails from Currys PC World to avoid ‘be ripped off by a fake contest. The email looks genuine and includes all of the official logos and lettering you’d expect to see from the electric giant.

“If you follow the Get Started link to claim sought after rewards such as a Dyson vacuum or Nespresso machine, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. This will allow hackers to steal your information for the purpose of identity theft and other phishing campaigns. Some versions of the phishing email redirected the recipient to a page that asks for a £ 1 delivery fee to post the price. If payment details are provided, the victim will provide their address and bank details to the criminals.

“Although this is a sophisticated phishing scam that successfully impersonates the popular brand, there are indications that it is not legitimate. If you look closely, you will see that the emails are from [email protected] and not from an official corporate email account. As always, if something sounds too good to be true, it is most likely a scam. “

If you’ve been reading this article a little too late and stumbled upon one of these growing email scams, you need to act fast.
First, report the scam to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040. If you entered your payment information on a website or online form that you believe was set up by hackers , you must contact your bank to report the error. This ensures that they will be on high alert for any potential fraud. It also means that they can provide you with a new card if they think the details are already compromised.


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