Duty-free imports from Australia “a complete betrayal of British farmers” – fr

Duty-free imports from Australia “a complete betrayal of British farmers” – fr

The International Trade Secretary aims to secure the UK-Australia deal ahead of the G7 summit in June, when Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is in the UK.

It is considered the first major post-Brexit trade deal and is an integral part of Mr Johnson’s ‘Global Britain’ vision.

Ms Batters warned in a press conference called shortly on Tuesday that Mr Eustice had made “very, very strong commitments to the industry to ensure that agriculture is not compromised”.

She said it was up to Mr Johnson to decide whether the government ‘will continue to deliver on this pledge’ as she said she believed Cabinet would approve the UK’s approach this week in the latest round of trade negotiations with Australia.

Following a meeting of the UK Agriculture Roundtable, which includes 19 farm organizations, Ms Batters said: ‘We know that if we are to open up new overseas market opportunities for UK farmers, we will have to offer better access to our own markets in return.

“However, this compromise must be balanced and we must ensure that concessions to our extremely valuable internal market are not given lightly.

“There is a very real risk that, if we are wrong, UK agriculture will suffer irreversible damage rather than thrive the way we all want it to be, to the detriment of our environment, our food security and our rural communities. “

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said: ‘Any deal will include protections for the agricultural industry and will not compromise UK farmers or our high standards. “

Shadow Secretary for International Trade Emily Thornberry said UK farmers have a right to expect the government “will not sell their livelihoods at the cost of a quick trade deal and a good title. market at the top of the G7 ”.


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