Drink, dance and 15 pizzas: Guardiola at Manchester City title night

Drink, dance and 15 pizzas: Guardiola at Manchester City title night

Pep Guardiola celebrated Manchester City’s championship victory with so much enthusiasm that he was not in “perfect condition” to order his favorite pizza.

City’s fifth Premier League title in nine years and a third under manager was sealed when Manchester United lost 2-1 at home to Leicester on Tuesday. This prompted Guardiola, his players and staff to gather at the club’s City Football Academy, where they danced and kissed.

“It was so nice,” said the manager. “Unexpected parties are the most beautiful. If you’re having a big party, they’re normally more boring than last Tuesday. We came here in our [Covid] bubble. We drank a little, we danced, he hugged a lot, we remembered how good it was. Then at 11:30 am 15 pizzas arrived and it was the highlight of the night. I was not in perfect condition to make up my mind [which one] – but all of them were so good.

“Here in England, parties are always all about alcohol, and I don’t understand why. But the moment [they] the pizzas were perfect. It was a good time, all together here. We celebrated very well.

Guardiola has received congratulatory messages from managers Liverpool and Everton. ” [Jürgen] Klopp I really like him and Carlo Ancelotti. I do not answer [their] messages, not yet, but I will do it today. I appreciate it, I admire them, of course. It was an inspiration to me. He [Klopp] takes me through his teams at [Borussia] Dortmund and Liverpool are a better manager, to think a lot about games and opponents. I say thank you very much and I appreciate him and Carlo.


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