Donovan Mitchell’s relationship with jazz “damaged this week” –

Donovan Mitchell’s relationship with jazz “damaged this week” – fr

Donovan Mitchell was a late scratch for the Utah Jazz’s first game against the Memphis Grizzlies, which surprised him and left him “definitely frustrated and upset” with the franchise.

“I’ll tell you this: Donovan’s relationship with the organization has been damaged this week,” Brian Windhorst said on his podcast Tuesday. “Is it damaged to the point where it cannot be repaired?” I do not say that. Is this something they’re going to move on and it’s just going to move on and it’s just going to be a beep on the radar screen? Maybe they’re in the final in two months and whatever? Maybe they win the next four games and that’s totally forgotten. But right now Donovan is in pain.

“Something else that’s important, he was away for five weeks more or less. April 16th I think the injury was and now we are at the end of May. Five or six weeks. At the start of the recovery process, he was not healing well. And so he stopped working exclusively with the team and he hired and brought in, and he already had his own trainer, and he brought in his own trainer to start rehab with that trainer. “

Mitchell signed a five-year maximum extension worth up to $ 195 million with the Jazz last offseason.

“Regardless of what that means right now, what it means for Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz is something to watch out for,” added Windhorst. “I know he just signed this huge contract extension and it hasn’t started yet. I’m not saying anything here. I’m just saying damage has been done. Damage has been done here. “


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