Donaldson Pledges to Release ‘Complete Catalog’ of Cheating Pitchers –

Donaldson Pledges to Release ‘Complete Catalog’ of Cheating Pitchers – fr

Minnesota Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson looks set to help Major League Baseball find out which pitchers are using foreign substances.
In a Twitter chat with Oakland Athletics broadcaster Dallas Braden, Donaldson offered a suggestion to pitchers who choose to use illegal substances to help with grip: don’t do it.

After Braden, a former pitcher himself, discussed the differences between using pine tar, rosin, and sunscreen, Donaldson revealed he had “a whole catalog of videos of these guys going. cheating ”.

Donaldson’s comments follow veteran referee Joe West’s confiscation of St. Louis Cardinals reliever hat Giovanny Gallegos during the club’s game on Wednesday.

Cardinals manager Mike Shildt was furious at the contest, calling pitchers using foreign substances “baseball’s dirty little secret.” To Shildt’s knowledge, West fully initiated control of the Gallegos cap and not the Chicago White Sox.

Donaldson started his MLB career with track and field. The former MVP and three-time All-Star reached .236 / .338 / .415 with five homers in 37 games.


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