Donald Trump launches new fan communications site after Twitter ban – fr

Donald Trump launches new fan communications site after Twitter ban – fr

The supervisory board, which makes decisions binding on Facebook and without appeal, will decide whether to leave Trump’s ban in place or allow him to return to the platform. He can also make related recommendations to the California-based social giant.

“This is a huge decision, it is getting a lot of attention and rightly so,” said Daniel Kreiss, professor and researcher at the University of North Carolina specializing in politics and social media.

“It’s important for the world precedent he will set. If they stand by the decision, I think you’ll see a more robust application in the world. “

The oversight committee, made up of lawyers, political experts, journalists and others from around the world, will perhaps make its most important decision at a time when social platforms struggle to stay open to political discourse. while filtering out incitement to violence, misinformation and abusive comments.

Mr Trump was suspended from Facebook after posting a video during the murderous rampage on Capitol Hill by his supporters in which he said, “We love you, you are very special. “

The American leader was permanently banned by Facebook the next day, and he was kicked out of other platforms, including Twitter and YouTube.

Regardless of Facebook’s decision on Wednesday, a Twitter spokesperson said Mr. Trump was permanently suspended from his tweets.


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