Dominic Cummings told MPs on Covid: “When the public needed us the most, the government failed” – live

Dominic Cummings told MPs on Covid: “When the public needed us the most, the government failed” – live

Hello. Today we are going to have what is probably the most anticipated select committee hearing in the Commons since Rupert Murdoch came 10 years ago to answer questions about the phone hack. This morning’s attendee is another figure of sometimes hatred for liberal and progressive Britain, although Dominic Cummings is now primarily seen as a Covid whistleblower and a figure determined to damage Boris’ post of prime minister Johnson, rather than the voting mastermind, who was largely responsible for putting it on. at # 10 first.

Here is the story of the preview by my colleague Aubrey Allegretti, head of the audience.

Here’s a look from Aubrey on what to expect. And here’s a more brutal take from my colleague Marina Hyde, who says that “the level of self-mythology of Cummings and his capos has been off the scale.”

Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, was on the morning media tour for No.10 this morning and on Times Radio he disparaged Cummings using the nickname Boris Johnson uses to describe Sir Keir Starmer, “Captain Hindsight”.

Patrick Maguire

Grant Shapps just described Dominic Cummings as “Captain Hindsight” on Times Radio

May 26, 2021

Given that Starmer has had a much better record than Johnson in anticipating the need for lockdown action, it might not be as effective as Shapps thinks. But Shapps also questioned Cummings’ reliability. He told BBC Breakfast:

I will leave it to the others to judge the reliability of this former advisor’s witness.

When asked if Cummings was a ‘trusted adviser’ to the Prime Minister when he worked in Downing Street as Johnson’s chief strategist, Shapps replied:

He was certainly an adviser to the government. It is up to others to decide on the relying party.

Here is the schedule for the day.

9h30: Dominic Cummings begins testifying at a joint hearing of the Commons health and science committees.

12h: Boris Johnson faces Sir Keir Starmer at PMQ.

13h30: Downing Street is expected to hold its daily lobby briefing.

Today I will mainly focus on what Cummings is saying. For global coronavirus news, read our Global Live Blog.

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