“Doctor Who” star Noel Clarke accused of sexual predation – fr

“Doctor Who” star Noel Clarke accused of sexual predation – fr

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Noel Clarke, a prolific actor, writer and filmmaker in the UK who is perhaps best known for his work on Docteur Who, was accused by 20 women of serial sexual predation. As stated in The Guardian, the women allege that Clarke has an established history of sexual harassment, bullying, unwanted groping and touching, verbal abuse and malpractice dating back to 2004, in addition to a secret filming model of nude auditions of ‘female actors. Among the detailed allegations against Clarke, who The Guardian described as a ‘serial abuser of women’, his victims claim that his substantial power in the UK film and television industry has enabled him to ‘attack and harass his female colleagues’ regardless of their age or their rank.

Several allegations share similar themes regarding what it was like for women to work on a production of Clarke: He would target a woman with repeated sexual advances, sometimes physically, and if they refused, he would intimidate them into keeping. silence about his actions. “It was just constant and inappropriate comments,” said one woman. “He was always trying to steer the conversation towards sex.” Another woman claimed Clarke had pinned her to a locker room wall in hopes of a sexual encounter. “It made me very uncomfortable and it was not acceptable,” she said. Crazy Rich Asians star Jing Lusi, who worked with Clarke on the 2020 film SAS: Red notice, alleged that he proposed sex to her at a business dinner. When she pulled down his advances, Lusi said, Clarke reacted in a “disturbing” manner. ” [He was] really put it thick and coarse and quite explicit, ”she recalls.

Clarke, who is married and has three children, has denied all of the allegations published in The Guardian, except one: he admitted that he had made “inappropriate comments” to a woman before and apologized for it at the time. “During a 20 year career, I have put inclusiveness and diversity at the forefront of my work and have never had a complaint against me. If anyone who has worked with me has ever felt uncomfortable or disrespected, I sincerely apologize, ”Clarke said. “I vehemently deny any sexual misconduct or any wrongdoing and I intend to defend myself against these false allegations.” Earlier this month, the BAFTA presented Clarke with an award for Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema. The Guardian claims BAFTA was aware of the allegations against him prior to the ceremony.

Updated Sunday May 2: According to Hollywood journalist, The London Metropolitan Police confirm that someone made a report of sexual misconduct last month, but they have not opened an investigation. “On Wednesday April 21, police received a report from a third party regarding allegations of sexual offenses allegedly committed by a man over a period of time,” they told the BBC. According to the outlet, a third party report in the UK is anonymous and cannot be directly investigated, but “it can be used as intelligence, for example to see if it matches other reports against the same person. “

Friday the New York Times reported that Clarke’s membership and award have both been suspended by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts “until further notice”. The organization confirmed receiving emails alerting them to the allegations against Clarke, but noted that the communications “were either anonymous or second or third-hand accounts through intermediaries.”

“No name, time, date, production or other details have ever been provided,” said a statement released by BAFTA. “Were the victims registered as they did with The Guardian, the sentence would have been suspended immediately. “

“We very much regret that women felt unable to provide us with the kind of first-hand testimony that has now appeared in The GuardianHe continued. “If we had received this, we would never have presented the award to Noel Clarke.”

Additionally, ITV deleted the final episode of Clarke’s drama on Friday. Point of view of their planned lineup, while arts agency CAA has reportedly dropped the actor as a client, according to Deadline.

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